• The Arc of Greater Houston has a resource guide that lists the contact information for various Houston area resources. Under the section for "Behavioral/Emotional/Medical" lists a lot of options. Click on link to access the Houston Area Resource Guide-->Houston Area Resource Guide


    The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD services is the governing Agency for our area. They offer a variety of supports for mental health and behavioral issues. Click the link below to see an overview of their services. 

    Overview of Outpatient Services--> outpatient mental health

     Children Mental health Services--> child mental health services

    Adult (18 years or older) Mental Health Services -->Adult Mental Health Services


    Mental health supports for those involved in the justice system--> Forensic Mental Health Services

    24-Hour Crisis Line

    If you are experiencing a mental health or IDD-related crisis or if you are a current client and have an after-hours medication concern, please call our 24-hour Crisis Line at          1-866-970-4770.

    Crisis Mental Health Supports --> Emergency/Crisis Mental Health Services