• Many students with special needs require frequent support/supervision. This can become an issue after graduation because many parents must continue working so no one is home to be with their child during the day. One option for parents in this situation is a Day Hab.

    Day Hab facilities offer supervision and also training in independent living or vocational skills. Day habs are places where your adult child can socialize, be productive and continue to learn more skills. What parents do not want is for their adult child to sit at home on the couch or to be in a somewhat dangerous situation (not be attended). 

    Each day hab runs a little differently and may have different focuses and hours that they are open. Most Day Habs are open from 9am-2pm (SOME offer extended hours). Most of them do not offer transportation, so should your adult child decide to attend, you will have to work out the transportation issues. Another difference with Day Habs are that they do NOT accept everyone that applies. There are application processes and forms at each day hab and for some day habs there are even WAIT LISTS! DO NOT WAIT until last minute to apply because you may find that there is not a spot opened up. The biggest difference that parents encounter is that day habs cost money. Every day hab has different fees, so if you are interested in signing up, talk to them about the finances so you can be prepared. If your adult child has services through MHMRA (HCS, TxHmLiving, Community First Choice, CLASS), then some or all of the day hab may be covered under those services! Below are some day habs in our surrounding areas. Start with just setting up an apointment to tour. If you would like a guide of what questions you should ask or what you should look for when taking a tour, then contact me and I will email you a good starting list :) 

    Bay Area Rehabilitation Center (Baytown) Bay Area Opportunity Center some transportation available for additional fee

    The Village (Kingwood) The Village Learning and Achievement Center some transportation available for additional fee

    All Little Things Count (La Porte) All Little Things Count no transportation available

    No Place Like Here (Pasadena) No Place Like Here no transportation available unless for supportive employment 

    Odyssey Adult Day Care (Normandy)  Odyssey Adult Day Care transportation available and indluded in services


  • Community Centers offer a variety of acivities and most of them are FREE. While, there is guidance/instruction, there is not a direct aid/support person for your child. Each community center offers different activities so check the Calendar each month to see NEW schedules

    Verne Cox Multipurpose Center in Pasadena (Many Bi-Lingual participants). This Community Center is specificially for individuals with intellectual disabilities or developmental delays. They also offer adaptive recreation activities--> Click Link to see Schedule and forms page--> Verne Cox Multipurpose Center Main Page

    Riley Chambers Community Center is in the Crosby/Barrett area. Great park and a lot of activities offered throughout the day. --> Riley Chambers Main Page

    Crosby Community Center is the Crosby/Barrett area. Great park, track and a lot of activities offered throughout the day. -->Crosby Community Center Page

    Baytown Community Center and Main Square Events offer many options for group classes in a variety of interests. --> Baytown Community Programs List