• *ALL MALE citizens MUST register for Selective Service (The Draft) when they turn 18 years old. 

    Many people want to enlist in the Military, however with many of the technological advancements, wanting to enlist is simply not enough any longer. We need smarter soldiers than ever before. If you are considering enlisting, start with speaking with a recruiter. 

    Each branch of military has a different requirment of passing standards of the ASVAB test in addition to the physical fitness standards. The minimum score to be accepted in the military is 31 out of the possible 99 points on the ASVAB, but that may not be enough to join certain branches. REMEMBER...the goal of the ASVAB is to find what job you would be best at in the military. The test is also made to see how well you can think/reason under pressure. The test is designed to create stress. You are given a certain number of problems for each section and a very short time period in which to complete the problems. You MAY not answer them all in time. The sections of the ASVAB are:

    01-General Science

    02-Arithmetic Reasoning

    03-Work Knowledge

    04-Paragraph Comprehension

    05-Mathematics Knowledge

    06-Electronics Information

    07-Automotive Information

    08-Shop Information

    10 Assembling Objects 

    To find the requirements for each branch, Click the link --->ASVAB Requirements for Each Branch

    To take a PRACTICE ASVAB test, Click the link-->Practice ASVAB Tests

    To see the physical fitness readiness requirements for each branh, Click the link --> physical fitness readiness

    In the Military, your job is determined by your ASVAB score and by the needs of the military.

    To see a list of possible Jobs in the various Branches of the Military, Click the link --> Military Job List by Branch


  • There are many areas of Cosmetology that can be explored for careers after graduation from high school. The high school also works with San Jacinto College for Duel credit in the Cosmetology Program. 

    To be a cosmetologist, one must take and pass a certification exam. Information on the types of exams avaiable are in the link below:

    Certification requirements --> Cosmetology Certificates