TRS - ActiveCare Benefits will end 08/31/2022

    Only new hires eligible for benefits 07/01/2022 and 08/01/2022 will be offered enrollment through TRS ActiveCare. 

    All others will enroll in benefits during open enrollment.

  • TRS Open Enrollment Guide Flipbook 21/22

    BCBSTX Enrollment Information
    bswift login (to enroll for medical)
    BCBSTX Summary of Benefits and Coverges
    BCBSTX Medical Cost Per Paycheck Breakdown
    UNUM Basic Life Insurance Information

    2021 - 2022 TRS-ActiveCare Plan Highlights
    TRS-ActiveCare Wellness Programs

    TRS Health App (NEW)

    Split Premuim Information

    The paper version of the Application to Split Premium form will no longer be available. Instead, each employee and their Benefits Administrator must complete their portion of the online Application to Split Premium form. This information should be submitted through the online Application to Split Premium form at the same time as either an enrollment or change is processed.

    If spouses work for different participating entities and wish to pool their district and state funds to use toward the cost of TRS-ActiveCare coverage, each employee and their Benefits Administrators must complete the Application to Split Premium and submit the form with the Enrollment application and Change Form. For the spouses who choose this option, the cost of coverage will be split between and billed to the two employers.

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    CVS Caremark
    CVS Caremark
    CVS Caremark provides convenient and flexible options for the prescription drugs you and your family may need. We are here to guide you through the open enrollment process, and to help you understand your plan so you can save time and money when your benefits plan starts.