Crosby ISD Standard Reunification Method

  • Step 1- Greetings
    As parents arrive at the reunification site, Greeters explain the process and distribute Reunification Forms.

    Step 2- Parents Fill Out Card
    Parents complete the information requested on the form, and begin to self-sort into lines.

    Step 3- Checkers Verify ID (BRING PHOTO I.D.)
    Parent custody is verified. The form is torn on the perforation and the bottom is returned to the parent. The top is given to the accountant.

    Step 4- Reunification Area
    At the Reunification Area, parents give the bottom of the card to a Runner. The Runner goes to the Assembly area to get the student.

    Step 5- Student Reunification
    The Runner returns the student to the parent and rechecks the parent I.D.The Reunifier notes the time and signs the bottom of the card. 

    Step 6-Accountability
    Internal processes performed by the school/district to account for every student.