Mrs. Hall is a Class of 1997 graduate of Crosby High School.  She attended Sam Houston State University where she received her Bachelor of Science degree and her Master of Education degree.  She has taught in the district for 12 years as an 8th grade ELA teacher and she was the ELA department leader her last year in the classroom.  Mrs. Hall believes that being an educator is a unique service to young people to help them become productive human beings.  This is a service in which you must be dedicated.  As educators, she believes, we should help students acquire skills that deal with the ability to think, reason and effectively function in a complicated global society.  Educators should also encourage success for all students both inside the classroom and in everyday experiences that society may introduce.  Being an educator means that you should have a love for children, believe in proactive strategies to facilitate learning and have a belief in community involvement to assist families and children in understanding the importance of literacy.  It also involves both teaching and learning as well as allowing for creative expression.

    Really good educators have a desire to do what’s best for kids and enjoy being in their presence.  Educators should continually seek out opportunities to learn more about their profession, what’s been proven to work and willing to take risks in order to do what’s best for their students.  Educators must be willing to bridge the gap between home and school.  Students are more successful if both the school community and the parents are working towards a common goal.  It is important for both entities to see the importance of literacy in order to convey this to the student. 

    Mrs. Hall believes that when a student feels that you actually care, you capture their heart.  Once their heart has been captured, you then have their attention and are able to make a difference academically.