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    Crosby ISD is excited to announce Superintendent Paula Patterson has been selected for the prestigious Superintendent Leadership Program with The Holdsworth Center in Austin. Superintendent Patterson is among the first group of leaders chosen for the 18-month program and will work with fellow superintendents across Texas. The Superintendent Leadership Program is designed to deepen everyday leadership skills in service of Crosby ISD's students, staff and community.

    As the leader of Crosby ISD, Superintendent Patterson plays a key role in helping staff, students and community members forge a new path. The training and mentoring help craft a vision, perfect communication and build a high-performing executive team. Superintendent Patterson is committed to growing and learning to best serve the students, staff, and communities of Crosby ISD.

    The Holdsworth Center's program helps Crosby ISD create systems to ensure we have a strong pool of leaders who will grow and lead the district in the future. This is a critical moment for public education in Texas, with historic challenges that will take extraordinary leadership. Navigating recovery and seizing opportunities for transformative change will be critical and necessary for stronger and more innovative schools.

    The Holdsworth Center was created by Charles Butt, the chairman of HEB, in 2017 near Lake Austin. He named the nonprofit organization for his mother, a former schoolteacher and lifelong advocate for social justice. The Holdsworth Center is dedicated to Excellence in Education Leadership.

    Public Education Holds Worth

    For these inaugural programs, The Holdsworth Center will cover the costs of programming, thanks to the generosity of its founder and other philanthropic supporters. The center’s mission is to improve the quality of public education by supporting and developing educational leaders. The Austin-based nonprofit works with partner districts for five years and makes a deep investment in leaders at both the district and campus levels.

    You can read more about the program here: and

Superintendent Patterson interview
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  • This is Now!

    Thursday, November 18, 2021

    Hello East Harris County and Crosby ISD families,

    There is so much to be proud of as we enter the final weeks of the semester. I am grateful to watch our children and staff teach and learn over these last few months, emphasizing bell-to-bell instruction, overcoming challenges, and celebrating achievements in the classroom. We also have momentum on the football field. We are so excited to watch our Crosby Cougar football team do battle in their second playoff game.

    Earlier this month, eight Crosby High School student athletes signed letters of intent to play ball at a major university or college. Two girls basketball players (Cortni Harris and Caitlin Harris), four softball players (Trista Brown, Morgan Faubion, Grace Sparks, and Hannah Wiggins), and two boys basketball players (PJ Haggerty and Sean Elkinton) achieved their dreams in our district. I’m so proud of our students, but also the parents who put so much on the line to support athletic achievement and academic success. As I told their families on Signing Day, this is what it’s about: preparing our students and setting them up for life after high school. These athletes have just started their seasons, so you have time to cheer them on before they start their next chapter.

    I had the honor earlier this month to speak before a crowd of dozens of veterans from Crosby and Barrett Station. Every branch of the military was represented at our Veterans Day program at Cougar Stadium. The students of Crosby ISD did an amazing job performing poetry, dancing, and singing to honor the brave men and women who’ve served. I spoke about the sacrifices veterans have made as well as those made by their families. The sacrifices often continue when they return. As the daughter of a disabled vet, I know first-hand how that sacrifice affects families long after their service to our country ends. Let’s all take a moment to thank the veterans in our lives during this month of gratitude.

    The holiday season is now upon us. I hope you are preparing to gather with family, enjoy good food, and create lifelong memories. As it turns out, one of my favorite Thanksgivings was just three years ago. My son was out-of-state at college. Since he couldn’t come home for the holiday, we brought Thanksgiving to him. My parents even came along for the holiday away. We rented a house and welcomed not only our son, but also his teammates who were missing the holiday with their families because of football responsibilities. We had a wonderful meal and quality time in a way we never expected. It’s a Thanksgiving memory I’ll cherish for a lifetime.

    I appreciate your support over these past few months as we’ve begun a new era in Crosby ISD. We couldn’t do what we do without you, our community members. It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming students back to school, and now we’re just a few weeks away from a new year. May you and your family enjoy a peaceful and restful Thanksgiving.

    This is Now! Go Coogs!

Superintendent Patterson interview
Superintendent Patterson interview