• Boys’ Basketball Coaches Message:

    Crosby High School’s Boys Basketball team invites you to come support them this season. They will be putting their hard work and dedication on display while making their season the most memorable yet. You can plan on seeing the great teamwork, sportsmanship, up-tempo, and aggressive defense that has become the backbone of Crosby’s success.

    Here at Crosby we have worked hard to create a family bond among the players with the goal of again becoming district champions. In addition to creating team chemistry, we will stress the fundamentals of the game, strength and conditioning. We also strive to help them grow as young men, and an athlete, as well as to prepare them for the challenges that they will face in their transition into adulthood. The team’s hard work and dedication will pay off this season so be sure to come out to cheer them on.

    It is a great honor to be the head basketball coach at Crosby High School. As one of the most successful athletic programs in the greater Houston area, Crosby strives for championships each and every year.

    Edwin Egans, Head Boys’ Basketball Coach




     1. PROFESSIONALISM: we will commit to always conducting ourselves in a first class manner on and off the court every day of the year; this is a 24 hour – 7days / week commitment. 

    2. NO PERSONAL AGENDA: we will commit to one agenda and one agenda only; that agenda will be doing whatever we are called on to do in order to help this team win a state championship. Our personal gains will never come into play!

    3. RESPECTFUL COMMUNICATION: we will commit to listening to the "what" and not the "how"; but will always be delivered with respect!

    4. THINK OF THE NOW ONLY: we will commit to making sure everything we do is for the betterment of THIS TEAM-THIS YEAR; our personal goals will take back a seat to the team commitment!

    5. ONE WAY: we will commit to the teaching system that we have; trusting the coaching and holding yourself accountable to do things the CROSBY WAY!!!

    6. EFFICIENT TEAM: we will commit to executing our system with simplicity to ensure that we are productive and efficient in everything we do!

    7. TEAM EXECUTION: we will commit to learning our system; understanding our system; and paying attention to the details of our system; understanding when two equal teams meet - - -the team that executes better usually wins!

    8. NEVER HAVE A BAD PRACTICE: we will commit to giving our best effort every day we hit the practice floor; at times understanding that we will have to pick our teammates up when needed!

    9. RESPONSIBILITY: we commit to holding ourselves personally responsible and accountable for our actions, our efforts, and in fulfilling the roles that we have been assigned; everyone will take responsibility for their role in our success!

    10. TRUST: we will commit to this on a 24 hour / day basis; trusting each other in everything we do on and off the court!

    11. NO EXCUSES: we either get it done or we don’t; either way we move on and make sure the next possession; the next quarter; the next game is up to CROSBY STANDARDS!




     5th and 7th Period Basketball Athletics



    Coach Egans (Varsity), Coach Stewart (JV), Coach Clark (Freshmen A), Terrance Harrison (Freshmen B), Adrien Kenebrew, Aaron Bales, Tim Collier, and Dwight Netherly.


    Contact Info:

    Edwin Egans (eegans@crosbyisd.org) – Head Coach

    Curtis Stewart (cstewart@crosbyisd.org) – First Assistant

    Jeremy Clark (jclark@crosbyisd.org) - Second Assistant  

    Terrance Harrison (tharrison@crosbyisd.org) – Third Assistant

    Adrien Kenebrew (adkenebrew@crosbyisd.org) - Assistant/ Jr. High Head Coach

    Ryan Carrington (rcarrington@crosbyisd.org) - Assistant/ Video Coordinator

    Aaron Bales (abales@crosbyisd.org) - Assistant/ Jr. High 

    Tim Collier (tcollier@crosbyisd.org) - Assistant/ Jr. High 

    Dwight Netherly (dnetherly@crosbyisd.org) - Assistant/ Jr. High 


    5th Period – Competition Gym

    * Varsity/JV Basketball Period:

     - Monday/Tuesday/Friday – (11:12 - 12:18)

     - Thursday – (10:46 - 12:31)


    7th Period – Practice Gym/Weight Room

    * Freshmen Basketball Period:

     - Monday /Tuesday/Friday – (1:52 - 2:45)

     - Thursday – (1:06-2:45)


    Pre-Season The basketball athletic class will focus on skill development and strength/conditioning in the pre-season. Each day will be used to improve on one or more of the following concepts: individual basketball skills, team play, strength & conditioning and team preparation for the season. This will also be a time of evaluation. Each player will be evaluated so when it is time for basketball try-outs we will have a familiarity with what each player brings to the team. Players who are not at a level that is ready for high school basketball will be treated fairly and informed of their chances with an honest approach. They will be encouraged to look at the opportunity to be a student assistant for our team, join another sport or move to a physical education class.


    Season The players who make the basketball team and players who become student assistants will stay in the basketball athletic period throughout the basketball season. During the season, the athletic period becomes an extension of our basketball practices. We use the period for fundamental work, weight training, conditioning and practice time.


    Post-Season Players who play baseball or came from football will most likely leave our class to rejoin that sport’s athletic period. These players will also be allowed to return to the basketball athletic period every Tuesday in the off-season until the 1st day of spring football begins. The remaining players in our basketball athletic period will be part of our off-season basketball program. The focus of our post-season program is on improving as a basketball player and team for the next season.


    Expectations for students in our basketball period:

    1. Be on Time

    2. Have a Positive Winning Attitude

    3. Be Coachable

    4. Treat Others With Respect

    5. Work Hard


    Grades: Follow all expectations and your grades will reflect that.


    Dress: Players will be provided with practice gear (shirt & shorts) and a locker to keep all valuables. Players must supply their own combination locks to be placed on lockers (Except for the first week of 7th period evaluation time).


    Please check the basketball website for information regarding the basketball program.


    Contact Number – Work (281) 328-9237 ext. 1853

                                      Cell (832) 457-9819


    Coach Egans



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