Coaching Philosophy


    The Coaching philosophy of this program is based upon the following five points. First, we want to establish discipline both on and off the field. Secondly we want to have open lines of communications with coaches, players, parents, and administrators. Third, we will strive to build a rapport with players through caring and motivation. Fourth, we will run a well organized program. Fifth, we will teach the game's fundamentals and a respect for the game of baseball.




    We will strive to instill discipline both on and off the field. We ask all players to DO RIGHT.  We want all the players to understand that we are not just trying to teach baseball, we are trying to develop life skills, and baseball is a great way to learn those skills. In order to be successful in life, players must develop self-discipline and mental discipline to be successful. We want players to understand that there are always consequences for their actions and to take responsibility for their actions and never transfer blame or make excuses. (See Player Expectations.) We will be consistent and fair with all players concerning disciplinary actions.




    Communication breakdowns are the downfall of many organizations and businesses. We want to make sure that all is understood and that everyone is clear on what is expected and how things are to be done. We want players within the program to understand that we have an open door policy. If he is having problems of any kind he should feel free to come and visit with a member of the coaching staff.  Also, if a parent is concerned feel free to contact the coach of your team. (See Parent Information.)



    The coach/player relationship is one that is very special, one that can be cherished for years to come. We feel that relationship is very important and should be of utmost importance. We understand that we are a Role Model and we accept that responsibility. As coaches, we are going to try to get to know each player while expressing an extreme interest in each and every player. We want young men to want to play for this program and this coaching staff and take pride in it. We will strive to motivate and inspire players to have a love for the game and to understand what it means to be a part of a TEAM that is as close as a family. These things are heartfelt memories that each and every player will take with him for a lifetime. We want each player to enjoy his experience as a player within this program.




    Organization is a key element of a successful endeavor. We will strive to make sure that every practice, and every event that we encounter is organized and well thought-out.  




    We strongly believe that coaching is teaching and teaching is coaching. We will strive to teach every young man in the program the fundamentals of the game as well as the game itself. We will strive to work within the framework of each individual to establish what is best for him and the team. We do not believe that everyone should look identical or be cloned. We will teach fundamentals, not style.


    With our philosophy of these five points (Discipline, Communication, Report, Organization, and Fundamentals) we feel that this program can be one of the best in the State of Texas. We hope everyone involved in the program has a great time and develops great memories from your participation within this program.


    Crosby Cougar Baseball Coaching Staff