Player Contract  





    By being in OUR baseball program, there will be high expectations placed on you.  There will be times when you cannot do your own thing.  The following items are in place to make you a better person and promote the image of OUR baseball program.  If you cannot follow these policies, then you will be disciplined or dismissed from the program.


    In general: do what is right, do your best, and treat others as you wished to be treated.


    Baseball Conduct:


    1. Be on time for all baseball related activities.  The team WILL NOT wait on you.
    2. Practice hard at game speed.  We WILL NOT coach poor attitudes.  "We cannot coach EFFORT, but we will motivate to improve effort level"
    3. Be properly dressed at all times.
    4. Sprint on and off the field at all times.
    5. Pull for your teammates
    6. Be coachable, we know you bring a lot of experience but keep an open mind.
    7. Accept your role on the team.  If you do not like it, work harder to change it.
    8. Do not transfer blame or make excuses.  It is not allowed.
    9. Do not question coaches on the field EVER.  We will meet one on one to clear up any misunderstandings.
    10. Disrespect for coaches, faculty, or staff will not be tolerated.
    11. Players will be CLEAN SHAVEN at all times during the year.
    12. Do not borrow your teammate's equipment without permission.
    13. Do not throw equipment.  Even if it is yours it will result in disciplinary action.
    14. Crosby issued shirts are to be tucked in at all times and caps are to be worn forward at all times, unless approved by coaching staff.  Hats are not to be worn sideways.  Equipment will be worn ONLY during practice and games.
    15. Take care of you health, your relationships with your teammates and your performance on and off the field.
    16. The use of alcohol, tobacco, and any other drug will not be tolerated.  If you are caught, punishment will follow the Crosby Athletic/Student Handbook policy.
    17. Playing time will NEVER be discussed between the coaches and parents or players.
    18. Lead by example on and off the field.
    19. Be an example and set the standard high for future Cougars to follow.
    20. And last but not least, DO NOT do anything that will embarrass your family, the program, your coach, or yourself.
    21. Have fun, learn the game, and enjoy the privilege of playing the great game of BASEBALL .