• Athletic Training Room Policies

    • The Athletic Training Room is the medical facility dedicated to prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries to our interscholastic athletes. It is not a lounge or student hangout.
    • All injuries or illnesses should be reported to the Athletic Training Room no later than 7:00 AM the following day. If possible, report the injury/illness immediately to the licensed athletic trainer. If the athletes do not report your illness/injury in the morning, they will be assumed to be ready for full participation that afternoon and during the athletic period. 
    • Any athletes desiring to be taped for participation should be involved in a daily rehabilitation routine. 
    • It is an athletes responsibility to complete the assigned treatment plan for your injuries on a daily basis until released by the licensed athletic trainer. All treatment, including rehab, must be completed in the Athletic Training Room.
    • Under no circumstances are athletes to treat themselves. 
    • The Athletic Training Room will be open at least 1 hour prior to a practice or game and 30 minutes afterwards. 

    Treatments are as follows:

    • By appointment only