• Earn College Credit while in High School with the ATC Program
    Part 1: Introduction
    Are you a high school student? Are you interested
    in majoring in one of the following
    areas at a community or junior college?
    Health Sciences
    Child Development
    Culinary Arts
    Criminal Justice
    Other technical areas
    The Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Program can hel
    p you earn college credit for
    these majors while still in high school.
    Students can earn college credit by taking ATC cour
    ses while in high school. An ATC
    course is an enhanced version of a normal high scho
    ol course, taught by a teacher who
    has had special training.

    Part 2: How to Get Started
    To get started, ask your counselor if your high school offers ATC courses. If they do,
    select ATC courses that will apply towards the college major you are interested in as
    part of you high school graduation plan. If you take the ATC course as a junior or senior
    and earn a grade of 80 (3.0) or better, the ATC course may also be counted as an
    advanced measure for the Distinguished Achievement graduation plan (DAP).
    To qualify for college credit through the ATC Program, you will need to do the following
    while in high school:
    • Enroll in an ATC course in high school.
    o Course abbreviations end in –TP.
    o Courses on your high school transcript may also be noted with the letter A.
    • Complete the course as a junior or senior with a minimum grade of 80 (B or
    • Freshmen and sophomores must take additional ATC courses as a junior or
    senior to qualify for college credit.
    • If there are prerequisites for the ATC course, you must make a minimum grade of
    80 in each required course.

    Part 3: How to Receive Your College Credit
    To receive college credit for the ATC courses you took during high school you need to
    do the following:
    • Enroll in a participating college within 15 months of graduation.
    • Take a copy of your high school transcript to the college when you enroll and tell
    the college admissions staff that you took high school courses that may count for
    college credit. You should then complete a petition for credit form.
    • Ask the college staff to help you identify the college courses that are equivalent
    to the ATC courses you took in high school. The college can only award you
    credit for courses that they offer.
    • Select a college technical certificate or degree plan that includes one or more of
    those courses.
    • Some colleges may delay the awarding of your credit until you have completed
    six hours of college credit – check with the college to see what is required. AP
    and/or CLEP tests may apply towards the six required hours.
    • You will not be charged tuition and fees to receive this credit; however, the
    college may charge you a small administrative fee to post the credit to your
    • Finally, check with the college registrar to make sure your credit is posted to your
    college transcript.
    For more information about the Advanced Technical Credit Program, please visit our
    website at www.atctexas.org, or email us at atcstaff@sfasu.edu.


  • Lee College Articulation    
    Teacher CHS Class Lee College Class
    Londene Acct 1 ACNT 1303
    Odom Ag Mech WELD 1428
    Pool DIM POFI 2331
    Pool Comp. Maint. CPMT 1411
    ATC Articulation    
    Teacher CHS Class Community College Class
    Londene Acct. 1 BNKG 1303
    Mulkey PBMF BUSG 1301
    Pool Comp Prog. ITSE 1302
    Pool PIT ITSC 1309 or1409
    Pool DIM IMED 1301 or 1401