• The  following are various career resources that can easily be integrated into the middle school curriculum.  Just click on the underlined titles to access more information.

    High School (9th-12th Grades):

    AchieveTexas College and Career Initiative
    This is an education initiative designed to prepare students for a lifetime of success. Itallows students to achieve excellence by preparing them for secondary and postsecondary opportunities, career preparation and advancement, meaningful work, and active citizenship.

    Adventures in Education -- has college planning resources, financial aid information, career guidance, and money management tips to help families and students achieve their goals.

    American Careers
    With American Careers educational programs, you can provide an innovative, creativelearning experience that motivates students to develop academically and to make good decisions about their future. Our integrated, standards-based programs help students understand that what they learn in language arts, math, science, technology and other core subjects truly is an essential requirement for working in today’s world. For pricing information, click on the “Ordering” tab on this site.

    ASVAB Career Exploration Program
    The ASVAB Career Exploration Program is a tool designed to help 10th, 11th, 12thgrade and postsecondary students make career decisions. This free program includes the world's most widely used multi-aptitude test battery and an interest inventory.

    Career Discovery
    This is a site that helps students develop their road to career success.

    Career Exploration Activity Using the Career Clusters -- Great to use with Interest Surveys! The purpose of this lesson is for the students to learn the different career opportunities available and for them to start thinking of the career path they would like to take. This activity is a great way for students to visibly see the career clusters and apply which cluster best suites them. Also included is an activity for the students to complete using a cluster of grapes. This activity does not take long and it is a great way to reinforce the career clusters concept along with a quiz with answer key for you to utilize. Cost is $3.50 to download.

    Career Explorer
    This site provides a wide variety of career videos to help students see careers in a newway.

    The CareerForward course is a self-contained online learning course that may be used in companion with a variety of online career planning tools to provide students with the opportunity to assess their career interests, explore career options and create aneducational development plan.

    Career Games
    This site features a self-assessment, job targeting, open market, hidden market,interviewing games.

    Career Lesson Activities
    A set of career lessons for teachers to utilize in middle and high school classrooms.

    CareerNoodle provides a suite of engaging, authoritative, and easy-to-use careerexploration and planning tools for middle, high school and college students. Utilizingactive and constructivist learning theories, combined with advanced Web technologies,CareerNoodle was created with a user-centered design process that included theparticipation of hundreds of guidance counselors, educators and students across thenation.

    Career OneStop
    This site allows you to find jobs, explore career paths, learn which jobs are hot, and get job search tips.

    Career Pay Day
    Students are randomly given a career card. This card tells the monthly salary of the job and the amount of education needed to obtain the job. Students are then given one each of a high, medium, and low card. These cards are placed face-down in front of the players. As the leader calls out the monthly bills, players turn over a card. If the card is medium, the players must subtract the amount of the bill from their monthly salary. After the leader calls out all of the monthly bills, students find out whether they were able to pay all of their bills or they went broke. The leader can have related discussions about money management and the relationship of careers and lifestyle. Cost is $7.95

    This is a free online career exploration adventure for middle and high school students.Your mission is to fuel your CareerShip by learning about careers. Students can review careers by cluster, review the featured career, match careers to their interests, or search for a particular career.

    Career Zone
    The place to explore careers related to your strengths, skills and talents.

    Charting Your Course, Starting the Conversation, Why This Study, Succeed at Work, and Pathways to Personal Independence, all produced by Texas Workforce Commission, Labor Market and Career Information, are good resources for juniors and seniors in high school. See Texas Workforce Solutions, 9001 IH-35 North, Suite 103-B, Austin, TX 78753-5233, (512) 837-7484.

    Click Your Fortune --  was created in the style of “choose your own adventure.” Each video features four professionals (selected from among the attendees and speakers of TEDGlobal 2013) reading career-related questions submitted directly by students. Once all four questions are read, the viewer can click the paths that relate to their interests. Students can also suggest questions, participants and careers to be featured in future videos. Yes, this series is a work in progress — because we believe it has to be. Career options change fast, and we want to ensure that the series is serving the actual, and always evolving, curiosities of young learners.

    Dream It! Do It!
    Dream It. Do It. is the national career awareness and recruitment program for 
    manufacturers. It includes national and local activities to engage, educate, and employ the next generation of skilled manufacturing talent.

    Drive of Your Life
    Drive of Your Life is a fun online career exploration game that helps middle school andhigh school students learn more about themselves, higher education and careers. This free educational tool lets kids answer a series of questions about themselves to learn what careers could interest them and then go on a virtual drive to learn more about each of those careers – all in their own customized car.

    Education Planner
    Making decisions about colleges and careers can seem overwhelming, especially whenyou are young. If you are feeling unprepared, know that you are not alone. We're here to help.

    GEAR Up -- This site provides a wealth of college and career resources to help you make the best decisions in furthering your education beyond high school.

    Ideas for E.L.L.s: Teaching and Learning About Careers and Work -- This site provides related teaching ideas and strategies using articles, videos and other resources from the New York Times and around the web.

    Here at Job Shadow you can read real interviews from people as they talk about the jobs they do and the careers they have. If you’re career hunting, trying to find out ‘what career is right for me’, ‘what job is right for me’, don’t like your current job, want to career mentor and help others, or just plain curious you can read about and explore the different career options and shadow people’s jobs online.

    LifeWorks – This site provides a wealth of information on health and medical sciencecareers, as well as an 8th-12th grade college planning guide.

    Map Projections & Careers in Geography -- In this lesson, students will visit the Globe Projector exhibit in Xpedition Hall and explore the different types of map projections. Students will also use their critical thinking skills to consider different careers that would require geographic knowledge and decide what projection would serve them best for each.

    Mapping Your Future
    No matter what you dream of doing with your life, preparing yourself for life (and most likely education) after high school is important. Mapping Your Future can help!

    Military Career Guide
    There are hundreds of ways to make a living in the military, and many of these careers provide the training and experience needed for a rewarding second career in the private sector. There is no guarantee service members will receive the jobs they want, as the services determine where each individual’s skills are needed most.

    My Career Profile -- The most advanced profile combining a career search and college search into one!  Students will create a profile based on their: interest, skills and abilities, values, and personality.  Using the profile students will be able to search and save their results to find a career, find the major to achieve that career, and then the colleges which offer that major!

    My Future
    Welcome to your future! Sure the future can seem overwhelming. But that’s why you’re here—to get the info you need to make smart choices and get excited about all of the possibilities.

    My Next Move -- This site provides an excellent career test for those still unsure about their future and detailed guides on many professions.

    This is Collegeboard.com’s college and career planning site.

    National Aeronautics Space Administration
    NASA for 9th-12th Students—provides a wealth of information and educationalopportunties for students interested in pursuing the aero engineering field.

    Next Step Magazine
    Planning for college and career can be a frightening and mind-boggling experience forany teenager. Next Step Magazine features articles on all aspects of this importanttransition period. The articles are updated monthly and archived for continuedaccessibility. Teens exploring careers will find articles on vocations from biomedicalresearcher to welder. For those with college preparation on their mind, articles on every topic from acing the SAT to successful study habits to time management and crime on campus are available. If that isn't enough, what could be more convenient than applying 
    for college right online, using the list of universities and colleges that accept onlineapplications. When a little break from that entire heavy decision making is needed, users can click On the Light Side for a little mood adjustment.

    O*Net OnLine
    The O*NET program is the nation's primary source of occupational information. Getoccupational information on over 950 careers and match your skills to an occupation.

    Own Your Own Future -- Start owning your own future by exploring resources that will help you on your path to college. The whole site is organized by grade to make sure you get the exact info you need. So that's where we begin...

    Realizing the Dream -- This website has downloadable curriculum, “Realizing the College Dream” geared to high school students.

    Show Me The Future -- Are you ready to play this exciting, educational, and FUN game?  Think you’re up to a challenge?  Want to know if you can make the right choices in the “real” world?  You’ll have a whole new identity including occupation, income, whether you’re married or single, whether or not you have kids, and more.  You have a checking account with a register, which will contain the money you earned as your new identity. Then you get to make choices, like the kind of house you’ll live in and what you’re going to eat, based on your identity. Every choice you make costs money, which will be deducted from the money in your checking account. The trick to the game is to see if you can make ends meet and still have some cash at the end. 

    Are you interested in anything to do with science, technology, engineering, ormathematics? Start here, where there are a ton of great resources for you from everything from figuring out what to do with your life, to getting scholarships to pay to make your dreams come true in college.

    Texas CARES (Career Alternative Resource Evaluation System)Published by the Texas Workforce Commission, the two spinning worlds are the key to all of the features in Texas CARES. The World of Work is your gateway to career exploration from the occupational perspective. The World of Learning is your gateway to educational planning from the graduate perspective.

    The Career Game -- This site provides career investigation tools for both individual and classroom career counseling sessions. The Career Game self-assessment and career guidance products are used in thousands of elementary, middle, junior and senior high schools as well as career exploration programs outside the school environment. Self-scoring, color-coded, interest inventory workbooks along with computer options and videos quickly convert hobbies, heroes and favorites into matching job recommendations at four different educational levels.

    The Career Project -- A lesson plan on career planning.

    The Futures Channel -- Real math, real science, and real careers.

    Texas Genuine CTE
    This is a series of courses, combined with hands-on training that prepares students fortheir chosen careers. This site is designed to find programs and a career that is right for the student. The student can then find the colleges that offer them chosen programs and link directly to admissions and financial aid web pages.

    Texas Job Hunter’s Guide, New and Improved, was written and designed by Elizabeth Dimmitt and published by the Texas Workforce Commission. This is an excellent preparedness resource for high school juniors and seniors who plan to move directly into the workforce upon graduation. It takes students through the process of a career search from beginning to end, from self-assessments, making preparations for interviews, conducting a job search, making contact and communicating with potential employers, 
    interviewing, follow-up, and persistence until a job is secured to special topics of interest on work and handling finances in today’s economy.

    Texas Reality Check
    Don’t know how much money you will need to earn in the future? Don’t know whichoccupation to choose? No problem! You will have three options to help you select theright careers for your spending needs.

    The Career Key
    Choose a career, college major, career pathway that matches your Holland personalitytype—respected career test, career and college information and advice. 

    USA Today Career Quest Workbook
    Career Quest is designed to help students in their career planning journeys. Students are guided in putting together a portfolio to help formulate career choices.

    Virtual Apprentice Series
    Written in a humorous and entertaining style, each book in this new series lets readers in grades 6-12 try on their dream career for a day. The series includes books on unique careers as an actor, airline pilot, author, cartoon animator, computer games designer, fashion designer, FBI Agent, firefighter, oceanographer, pop musician, professional athlete, and T.V. journalist. Cost is $29.95 each or $339.95 for the set of 12 volumes.

    Wages and Me -- Students explore the reasons for differences in the wages for several occupations. Then students are guided through the Bureau of Labor Statistics website to find information about their potential careers and wage rates nationally and in their own states.

    What Do You Want To Do With Your Life? -- A lesson plan for grades 9-12 on planning for the future.

    When I Grow Up -- Career education lessons for high school students.

    Who R U?
    What type of career is best for you? Find out by taking this career family survey.