• Fingerprinting & Background Check

  • Employee Fingerprinting

    Describe the employee's requirements for fingerprinting.


    In this table, enter the job classification and whether fingerprinting is required.

    Job Area
    Finger Print Required
    Job Area
    Finger Print Required
    Administrators Yes Maintenance Yes
    A-Title Yes Coaches Yes
    PPS Staff
    Yes Advisors Yes
    Nurses Yes Secretaries Yes
    Bus Drivers Yes District Office Yes
    Bus Monitors
    Yes Cafeteria Yes
    Custodians Yes Volunteers No

  • SchoolCenter Picture Background Check

    Explain who is required to have a background check, how the background check is conducted, and any additional costs that the employee should expect to incur. 

  • Criminal Background Checks

    Explain why criminal background checks are required and the process involved.