• Welcome to Mr. Rennalls and Ms. Orr's Classroom webpage.  Here we will post calendar events, news, schedules and work assignments with due dates.

  • Mr. Rennalls teaches math and science.  Ms. Orr teaches reading, language arts, spelling, writing and social studies.

    Math: Students should be practicing the math facts nightly with flash cards for 10 minutes.  Begin with addition and when it is mastered, I will write on the weekly graded facts test when to move on the subtraction, multiplication or division.

    Weekly math homework is assigned on Wednesday.  There is a practice maintenance I call the "cheat sheet", we do together as a class.  The maintenance for a grade is assigned and is due no later than Friday.

    Generally there is no science homework.  Experiment write-ups are counted as test grades along with CFA tests.

    Reading: Read with your child every night for at least 30 minutes.

    Spelling: Words are in their agenda.  Tests every Friday. AM Class words will be posted on this web page under documents manager a week early.

    Handwriting: Sometimes there will be handwriting homework if we don't finish the assignment in class.

    Language Arts/Writing: Usually there will not be any homework in this area.

    Social Studies: Every Friday we do our Time for Kids Magazine with a quiz and another activity.

    Weekly for both classes: Please be sure to sign your child's agenda each night.  Also remember to sign and date the Thursday Take Home Folder of graded papers.  Papers with a grade below a 70 need to be signed and returned with the folder.

    This will be your child's best school year ever!