• Welcome to our classroom!  I hope this information provides answers to many/most of the most commonly FAQ's!

    • School Hours:  8:15-3:35
    • Snack Time:  The students may bring a "non-messy" snack each day & eat it at 10:00 am. 
    • Lunch:  Our lunch time is 11:15-11:45
    • Elective:  1:10-2:00 (please schedule all conferences during this time)
    • Recess:  Mon-Th.: 10:30-10:50 & Fridays:  9:45-10:05
    • Homework Policy:  We assign homework on Mondays & it is due each Friday.  If the student does not have it on Friday, they will work on it during their recess time.
    • Reading Log:  Needs to be signed every night.  Your signature lets us know that your child read 20 min.
    • Agenda:  Their agenda is located in their "daily folder" & needs to be signed nightly.
    • Red "Friday" folder:  This folder will have their weekly conduct grade & all graded work.  If they receive a paper with a grade below a 70, they have the opportunity to re-do the assignment for a maximun grade of 70.  If they receive a paper with a check M - this simply means we did it together in class.
    • PE:  Please make sure they have the proper shoe attire for PE days.
    • Birthdays:  Treats may be brought in during our recess time.


    Brandi Baker & Kaysha Johns

    (281) 328-9330