• Parent Resources & Helpful Links

  • Provide an overview of the resources that are available for parents and students. Provide an overview of what can be found in this section.

  • SchoolCenter PictureMenus and Pricing

    Provide a general overview of the information that is available. For example , General Price Listing. Also, include links to the school listings of the different menus and links to the documents that outline the cost of the meals.
  • SchoolCenter PicturePrepay for Lunch

    Contact your SchoolCenter account representative to activate your School Store page. This will allow users to prepay for their student's meals. Once this has been done add the School Store page to the site to allow parents to sign up for the ability to Pre-pay for lunch.
  • Nutrition Policy

    Provide links to the legal information and policies that the district adheres to regarding food safety. Provide a link to the State Guidelines for Food Service Site.