• DEADLINE  - February 24, 2023 at 4:00 PM.

    **Applications will not be accepted after 4:00 PM**

    **48 hours advanced notice is required to process transcript requests**

    ALWAYS give 1 week advanced notice for letters of recommendation!

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  • Brian and Andrew Figley Memorial 2023 Scholarship sponsored by Crosby Youth Soccer 2/$500
    Crosby Youth Soccer would like to offer one $1,000 scholarship honoring Brian and Andrew Figley. This would be for a CHS graduate who plans to attend college and has played JV, varsity, or club soccer during high school. Brian Figley would have graduated with the class of 2022 but died tragically in January of 2015, along with his brother, Andrew. Andrew was an avid soccer player, and Brian was a straight-A student at Drew Intermediate at the time of their deaths. Crosby Youth Soccer would like to honor their memory with this scholarship. Selections will be determined by the Crosby Youth Soccer Board and Ms. Figley.
    The criteria to be awarded the scholarship include:

    1. Must have played JV, Varsity, or Club Soccer in high school.

    2. Must have a minimum of C average

    3. Must be planning to attend an accredited college or university.

    4. Must have good character and good attendance at CHS.

    Brian and Andrew Figley Memorial Scholarship Application


  • BETA SIGMA CHAPTER OF  EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA - TBD -  open to female students only Members volunteer much of their time and talents to various organizations and events in the community.  In 200 words or less, tell us about your community involvement. Describe the activities you been involved in that have provided a service to others.  You may concentrate on one or two of your favorite community service projects and attach a list of the other activities you have been involved in while in high school. 


    2023 Beta Sigma Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha Scholarship Application


  • CROSBY ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB – TBD: Scholarships will go to males and females. 

    1. You must have played a UIL recognized sport for all four years in high school. 

    2. You must be entering college in the fall or spring semester following scholarship receipt

    3. You must completely fill out the application.

    4. Recipients will be selected by donor.

    2023 Crosby Athletic Booster Club Scholarship Application

  • CROSBY AREA RETIRED TEACHERS ASSOCIATION – 2/$500: Scholarship will be awarded to a Crosby High School graduate who plans to attend college. Financial need, achievement and skills to succeed will all be considerations. The recipient is selected by donor.

    Crosby Area Retired Teachers Association Scholarship

  • CROSBY FAIR AND RODEO ASSOCIATION – up to 5/$5000 & 1/$2500 Trade School Scholarship:  These agriculture scholarships and Trade School Scholarship will be awarded to seniors who have attended Crosby High School for four years. Limited to 5 students with the goal of obtaining a BACHELOR degree from a 4-yr institution and 1 student attending a trade school. The recipients should have college/trade school acceptance and have a record of good character, attendance, and discipline.  Recipients must have exhibited livestock, sewing/crafts, foods or ag mechanic project in the Crosby Fair for two years during the four years of high school. Candidates will be graded on participation at the fairgrounds for community service and improvement events. All applicants must compose a 250 word or more essay realying how CF&R has had an impact on their life. Recipients will be chosen by CF&R. Please see full list of guidelines.

    Crosby Fair and Rodeo Association Scholarship Guidelines 2023

    2023 Crosby Fair and Rodeo Association Scholarship Application


    Please describe the following in an essay.

    • Educational Objective
    • Career Goals
    • Financial Need
    • Extracurricular Activities (past and present)
    • Community Involvement
    • How will this scholarship help you reach your goals?
    • Why you feel you should be chosen as a recipient of this scholarship?

    2023 Crosby/Huffman Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Application

  • Crosby Volunteer Fire Department and Ladies Auxiliary:

    Applicants must be a graduating senior from Crosby High School who plans on attending an accredited college, university, or technical school. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and must demonstrate service to the community through clubs, organization memberships, and school activities.  Students must submit an essay of 400-600 words detailing community service, reasons for applying for the scholarship, goals after graduating college or technical school, and how they plan on reaching their goals.  One letter of reference will be required.

    Two non-renewable $500 scholarships will be available.  Additionally, one non-renewable $1000 scholarship is available for a student majoring in a firefighting, emergency medical service, emergency management or law enforcement career path.  

    2023 Crosby Volunteer Fire Department and Ladies Auxillary Scholarship Application

  • CROSBY YOUNG FARMERS – TBD: Must be an outstanding FFA student who plans to pursue a degree in agriculture or another approved major. Recipient will be selected by donor. Criteria includes:

    • FFA member for at least 2 years.
    • Must meet admission requirements for college or trade school.
    • Applicant must maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher.
    • 1 Letter of recommendation.
    • Must submit narrative 100 or less words, double-spaced, should include information about their FFA activities, school extracurricular and community activities, and career and personal goals.
    • Applicant must participate in CYF Scholarship Fundraising Activities.
    • Applicant Parent or Guardian must be a member in good standing in the Crosby Young Farmers Organization.


    Crosby Young Farmers Scholarship Application


  • 2023 David H. McNerney Memorial Scholarship
    Student must be an immediate relative (son or daughter) of an active duty military or national guard member.  PLEASE TURN IN A COUNSELOR RECOMMENDATION TO THE NEXT LEVEL CENTER IN AN ENVELOPE WITH YOUR NAME AND THE NAME OF THIS SCHOLARSHIP. 
  • Future Leaders Scholarship Fund– 3/$3500:  The recipient should have financial need, college potential and be of good character.  The student does not have to be a straight “A” student.  The recipient should not be one that has received numerous other scholarships.  Recipients will be selected by donor. 

    2023 Future Leaders Scholarship Fund Application

  • HIGHLANDS ROTARY CLUB – TBD/$1500-$2500: Guidelines for the scholarship are as follows: (1) applicants must be graduating from high school this year  (2) scholarships will be awarded on the basis of need, academic achievement, extracurricular activities and moral character; (3) children of Rotarians, or their children, are also eligible;(4) Applicants must follow the guidelines of Highlands Rotary application. Recipient will be selected by donor. Must submit copy of most current transcript to NEXT LEVEL CENTER in an envelope with your name and Highlands Rotary Scholarship on the outside of the envelope.

    2023 Highlands Rotary Club Scholarship Application

  • HUFFMAN EASTERN STAR – 1/TBD: It is not necessary that a Mason be a member of your family to receive these scholarships. Anyone is eligible to apply. Our goal is to support those who need additional funding, have a scholastic record indicative of an ability to succeed in higher education, and who have been accepted at a university, junior college, or technical school.  Recipient will be selected by donor.

    2023 Huffman Eastern Star Scholarship Application

  • HUFFMAN MASONIC LODGE No. 1428 – 2/TBD: Anyone is eligible. Must write a short essay on how receiving this scholarship will help you be successful in advanced education and in life. Financial need and scholastic ability will be a consideration. Recipient will be selected by donor.

    2023 Huffman Masonic Lodge No. 1428 Scholarship Application

  • INDIAN SHORES Scholarship – 3/$750:  Graduating senior from Crosby High School and a resident of Indian Shores Subdivision.  Recipient will be selected by donor. MUST HAVE 1 COUNSELOR/TEACHER RECOMMENDATION THAT INCLUDES A STATEMENT OF STUDENT'S ATTENDANCE AS GOOD, AVERAGE OR POOR. 

    2023 Indian Shores Scholarship Application


    • One Leadership Scholarship will be awarded to graduating senior who has exhibited leadership qualities i.e., volunteer work, community services, positive work ethics, etc. (examples must be listed in essay). Initial scholarship in the amount of $3500.00, additional possible $1500 during junior year of college (see criteria)
    • One FFA or 4H Scholarship will be awarded to a student who is an active member of FFA upon graduation, and have shown animals, in Crosby for at least one year. Initial scholarship in the amount of $3500.00, additional possible $1500 during junior year of college (see criteria)
    • One Soccer Scholarship will be awarded to a student who has been on a Crosby Varsity Soccer team for at least their senior year.  Initial scholarship in the amount of $3500.00, additional possible $1500 during junior year of college (see criteria)
    • One Academic Scholarship with at least one year attendance at CHS, be in the top 15% of the graduation class. Have good academic record, and high moral values. Initial scholarship in the amount of $3500.00, additional possible $1500 during junior year of college (see criteria)

    The recipients for all scholarships must be accepted at an accredited college, have a good academic record (at least “C” average), be of good character and attendance in school.  Applicants must write a one or two page essay stating why they are applying for this scholarship, their future plans and why they chose the college they did.  Each winner is eligible for an additional $1500 if G.P.A is a 3.0 or greater at the end of the Junior Year (Bachelor’s Degree) in college.  Selected by donor.

     Jared Jamail Scholarship Guidelines/Criteria

    2023 Jared Jamail Scholarship Application

  • KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL 3229 SCHOLARSHIP – 2/$1000 :  Fill out the attached application and include a 1 page essay explaining what your faith has meant to you and what your plans are for future involvement in your church. Recipient will be selected by donor.

    2023 Knights of Columbus Council 3229 Scholarship Application

  • KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS - SACRED HEART ASSEMBLY #3435 - 1/$500 - Open to students attending 4-yr college, community college, trade school, technical or vocational school.

    1. Must be Catholic

    2. Be a member of one of the local Church Parishes.

    3. Be a graduating senior accepted to an institute of higher learning for the fall 2023.

    4. Have a 2.5 or higher GPA.

    5. One letter of recommendation turned in an envelope to the Next Level Center with your name and K of C Sacred Heart Assembly on the envelope.

    Due 2/24/2023 by 4:00 PM 

    K of C Sacred Heart Assembly Guidelines

    K of C Sacred Heart Assembly Scholarship Application

  • KURARAY AMERICA, INC. SCHOLARSHIP -  TBD The Kuraray America, Inc. Scholarship is a renewable scholarship. Recipients must maintain a 3.0 overall GPA to renew. THREE 2-year college $1000 scholarships will be awarded to be paid out at $500/yr.  - 2.0 minimum high school GPA required. ONE 4-year $4000 scholarship will be awarded to be paid out at $1000/yr - 3.0 minimum high school GPA required.  All recipients must maintain a overall 3.0 GPA in college to receive the funds each semester. Two short essays are required. 

    2023 Kuraray America, Inc. Scholarship Application

  • Luke’s Legacy Memorial Scholarship- 2/$1000- Luke Austin Whitwoth was a CHS graduate of 2013; and tragically lost his life in October 2019. One year later, in October of 2020 Luke’s Legacy was founded. The purpose of Luke’s Legacy is to provide a scholarship to a senior that shares the same qualities that Luke did and simply #LLMLL (Live Life More Like Luke) did. There is no better way to honor his life. The $1000 scholarship may be used for a community college, a trade school or towards vocational training or certification. The recipient(s) will be selected based on the positive traits Luke possessed and their GPA will not be a factor in the selection. Recipient(s) will be selected based on factors such as: work ethic, character, community involvement, stewardship, respectfulness, ………………. #LiveLifeMoreLikeLuke #LLMLL Often in Luke’s life it seemed as if he could never catch a break! Plenty of things occurred as a result of his own actions or choices, however; his life really was affiliated with misfortune and mishaps (no doubt that made him who he was). Luke often said and believed if it weren’t for ‘bad’ luck he’d have no luck at all. His Mom always told her children: “Sometimes life isn’t fair and doing the right thing doesn’t mean it will always result in things working out the way you wanted them to – keep being you & never stop doing what is right. Everything is either a blessing or a lesson.” This scholarship will be chosen the best way we know how to and for it to be something Luke would be proud of. 


    **Two sealed letters of recommendation due in the Next Level Center**


    2023 Luke's Legacy Memorial Scholarship Application

  • The Miki Daly Memorial Scholarship:
    Miki Patricia Daly, who tragically passed away in a car accident, was known for her dedication to family and her passion for agriculture. She was very involved with AG in high school and was always encouraging other students to join AG and pursue a career in agriculture after high school. This scholarship is $500 and is not income based for a student pursuing a career in Agriculture. Please write a 250-word Essay on how FFA/ Ag has impacted your life. Please also include a letter of recommendation from a teacher or an Ag teacher and your unofficial transcript.
  • ROCK OF AGES CHURCH SCHOLARSHIP - TBD.  The Rock of Ages Church Scholarship Fund was established in 2001. The mission of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to individuals that are enrolled in certification, technical or degree granting programs in community colleges, technical schools, colleges and universities. Financial Assistance is based on academic performance, leadership potential, and participation in school, religious, community outreach and/or athletic programs including but not limited to volunteer hours.  Scholarships are awarded annually provided funds are available. Rock of Ages Church awards scholarships on the basis of a comprehensive process.  Areas that are reviewed by the committee include, but are not limited to the following: Academic Accomplishments, Community Service, References, Personal Essay and Financial Need.  Rock of Ages Church pays scholarship funds directly to Crosby High School for distribution to the scholarship recipient.  Rock of Ages Church Scholarships are awarded without regard to race, color, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. 

    *** Information Coming Soon***

  • Roshaad Andre Mayweather Memorial Scholarship-1/$1000-Required: Transcript, 3 letters of recommendation (2-teacher, counselor, employer & 1 - personal), letter stating passed EOC and GPA, Essay. ALL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS SHOULD BE PLACED IN AN ENVELOPE WITH APPLICANT'S NAME AND LAST 4 DIGITS OF SOCIAL. TURN ENVELOPE INTO THE NEXT LEVEL CENTER  


    2023 Roshaad Andre Mayweather Memorial Scholarship Application

  • SAMPSON MASONIC LODGE #231- 1/TBD: Applicant must be a graduating high school senior from Crosby High School planning to attend college or an accredited technical school. The selection of the recipient will be based on a combination of character, merit, financial need, grades and attendance. The application must include a 500 word essay on a historical Masonic figure or Masonic Organization. Application must include: birth certificate, an official copy of transcript including GPA and class rank, and at least 3 letters of recommendation from non-relatives (two of which must be from school faculty members) All of these items must be placed in an ENVELOPE with your name and the name of this scholarship on it. Turn envelope into Next Level Center 


    2023 Sampson Masonic Lodge #231 Scholarship Application

  • Scholarships Below Not Offered in 2023

  • CROSBY AMERICAN LEGION POST 658 - 1/ $1000: Student will be scored on a point system. Student must be an immediate relative (son, daughter, grandchild, niece, or nephew) of an American Legion member or active duty military member. The relation must have been a member of the American Legion for a minimum of two years or active military duty member. Student must have a 2.0 or above GPA. PLEASE TURN IN A COUNSELOR RECOMMENDATION TO THE NEXT LEVEL CENTER IN AN ENVELOPE WITH YOUR NAME AND THE NAME OF THIS SCHOLARSHIP.  Due 2/25/2022 by 4pm 

    American Legion Post 658

  • CROSBY SPORTS ASSOCIATION – 4/$500: This scholarship will be awarded to four seniors. Academic standing, community involvement, extracurricular activities and financial need will all be considerations.


    Crosby Sports Association Scholarship

  • The Don Hendrix Memorial Scholarship-  The Don Hendrix Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of Dr. Don Hendrix, former superintendent of Crosby Independent School District (1986). Students are recognized for academic excellence, participation in extracurricular activities and overcoming obstacles in their lives. The Scholarship offers two (2) scholarships in the amount of $2500. Due 2/25/22. Remember to turn in transcript, and reciept of applications to the NLC at 4PM 2/25/22.


    The Don Hendrix Memorial Scholarship