• Bullying has made national and local headlines as several high-profile events have brought this issue into the spotlight. We in Crosby ISD take bullying very seriously since it negatively affects our students.Unfortunately, bullying affects millions of students on a daily basis. Sometimes people dismiss bullying as just a normal part of growing up; however, bullying is harmful and can result in students being afraid.

    Crosby ISD administrators and staff are working together to provide a safe environment for all students. Our campuses use Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports program to addresses bullying as part of its overall behavioral management plan to increase positive behavior.

    We do need parental help. We ask parents to talk to their children to help them understand the negative impact of bullying and how to prevent it. Also, please talk to your child and let them know how important it is to tell you or another adult if he/she is being bullied.  We also ask that parents share with their children that you will not tolerate it if they bully another person.

    If you see signs of bullying or have questions, please contact your child’s school counselor so that steps can be taken to eliminate bullying on campus or at after school activities. Our priority is your child’s safety and well-being so that he/she can have the best possible educational experience.


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    Texas Law Related to Bullying

    Texas Education Code, Chapter 37 Section 37.001 (a); Student Code of Conduct: requires each independent school district in Texas to have a local policy that:

    (7) prohibits bullying, harassment, and making hit lists and ensures that district employees enforce those prohibitions; and

    (8) provides, as appropriate for students at each grade level, methods, including options, for:

    1. managing students in the classroom and on school grounds
    2. disciplining students; and
    3. preventing and intervening in student discipline problems, including bullying harassment and making hit list.

    (b-1) The methods adopted under Subsection (a)(8) must provide that a student who is enrolled in a special education program under Subchapter A, Chapter 29, may not be disciplined for conduct prohibited in accordance with Subsection (a)(7) until an admission, review, and dismissal committee meeting has been held to review the conduct.

    The requirements for prohibiting bullying, harassment, and making hit list are quite detailed and there is also a requirement in law to require the local school district policy to “ensure that district employees enforce those prohibitions.”

    Under the requirements of 37.001 (a) (8) the school district is also required to have specific options developed under local policy that are appropriate to each grade level that provide for preventing and intervening in student discipline problems, including bullying, harassment, and making hit list.

    Texas Education Code Chapter 25, Section 25.0342 also offers a parent an opportunity to transfer their child to another campus if their child has been determined by the school to have been bullied.

    It is important for each student to report any bullying or threats to the nearest teacher or adult at school as soon as possible so school officials may take appropriate action.

    If you have concerns about bullying meet with the campus principal to express your concerns. If your child is receiving special education services go to the ARD committee to focus on the problem and arrange a plan to intervene at the campus level. For additional guidance related to addressing your concerns, we encourage you to visit your district office for clarification. 

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