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    Family & Community Members - Coalition to Support Grieving ...


    The Coalition to Support Grieving Students appreciates the important role that schools can play in supporting grieving students. This topic has rarely been


    A Child in Grief | Parents and Family Members


    Parents and Family Members. A child mourning the death of a loved one needs support. You can find personal stories, other essays, and resources here that can help ...


    • All Children Grieve

      At Support Kids, parents and teachers can find articles and contents to understand the behavior of kids in situations of grief and loss, so that they could help the children to cope with their grief in a better way. Grief, loss, and death are inevitable experiences of life. The way children express their grief over their losses is different from elders. And it varies depending upon their childhood phase and the nature of their loss. Grieving in children has an impact on the mental, emotional sometimes physical development of the children and sometimes it become difficult for parents, guardians or teachers to take the child out from his/her grief. Support Kids aims to improve parenting and mentoring skills of the parents so that they could better understand their children and help them to get by their grief.
    • Talking With Kids About Tough Issues

      The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children's (TLC) mission is to bring out the best in every traumatized child by creating environments where children can flourish. Currently over 5,000 TLC Certified Trauma and Loss School Specialists and Clinical Specialists provide TLC interventions and resources to children, adolescents, families, schools and communities daily.