Crosby ISD T-Tess Tech Matrix




    The Teacher begins to incorporate technology into lessons in a basic form.

    dev The teacher instructs students on how to use technology. Students are consumers of technology.


    The teacher directs students to various technology resources.

    acc The teacher provides learning opportunities giving students choices in technology.


    The teacher provides learning opportunities that would not be possible without technology.


    dom 1

    Tech resources are added as afterthought; not included in planning

    Limited technology resources are used in planning

    Technology resources are aligned to fit instruction

    **Click here to see Proficient planning

    Technology is an integral part of planning; a variety of resources are considered

    Plans take learning to a level impossible without technology


    Teacher centered no choices are given to students. Step-by-step instructions are given

    Teacher Centered little to no choice. Students are consumers of technology

    Student Centered, and students have some choice. Some assignments are delivered electronically

    Student centered producers with choice. Electronic delivery of assignments

    Student centered Producers clear choice electronic delivery and grading of assignments


    Little evidence that technology is provided by district

    Organization and usage of technology are sparse. Some tech resources are visible

    Students are engaged in relevant collaborative learning groups

    Tech resources are visible in the classroom and students are actively engaged with little teacher direction

    Students are delivering and producing content on their own with little teacher assistance



    No set goals or knowledge of the district initiatives

    Lacking a clear set of goals or drive to grow with the vision of CISD

    Goals are set and teacher participates in PD. Teacher communicates the vision of CISD

    Teacher exceeds set goals and effectively communicates the vision of CISD

    Teacher is a known expert in technology and provides peers with PD opportunities

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