• Steps of the Hiring Process


    1. Once a vacancy has been posted, a posting will stay up for ten working days unless there is an immediate need.

    2.  After ten days, an administrator is able to do a Recommendation to Hire (RTH) for the chosen candidate.

    1. Internal applicants must complete an internal application; if hired, you will need to fill out a transfer form.
    2. Educational aides must possess one of the following before a RTH can be completed:
      1. At least 48 college hours 
      2. An active aide certificate 
      3. Pass the CISD paraprofessional test 

    3. Once the RTH is made, it will be processed and approved by the superintendent or superintendent designee and then an electronic onboarding packet will be sent to you through Talent Ed which will require signatures from the candidate.

    1. If the postilion requires approval for the Board of Trustees (i.e. assistant principal or higher), the candidate will be reviewed at the next board meeting. If approved, the onboarding packet will be forwarded to the new hire. 

    4.  Once the candidate reviews, signs, and submits the onboarding paperwork through Talent-Ed, every new hire is required to attend an onboarding session.

    1.  Please schedule your new hire session through the Google link provided in your onboarding packet. 

    5. Once hired, the new hire must submit to Donna Fontenot:

    1. Service records (if the new hire has previous school experience)
    2. Transcripts (if required for the position). 

    Any further questions please email Donna Fontenot at dfontenot@crosbyisd.org