Bond Project Updates

  • Changes in the Bond 2017 Program

    Posted by Vivana Killion on 8/22/2019 10:00:00 AM

    Summer 2018

    Serious financial concerns discovered by new Superintendent, Dr. Scott Davis, and new Chief Financial Officer, Lesa Jones, required immediate attention before proceeding with bond projects that had been planned.  As a result of these concerns, administration recommended halting the bond projects until a more accurate picture of the district's needs and financial status could be determined.

    August 2019

    After a year of working through the corrective action plan to address financial concerns discovered in 2018 and realizing gains in Crosby ISD's financial stability, Superintendent, Dr. Scott Davis, made a recommendation to the Board (Special Called Meeting on August 5, 2019)  to revise Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the 2017 Bond Projects.

    The Board of Trustees approved the recommendation.

    The following documents were presented to the Board to outline the changes made to the Bond Projects.


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  • Community Members Give Input on Schematic Designs

    Posted by Vivana Killion on 4/25/2018 9:00:00 PM

    Cre8 Architects met with community members to review the design process and to illicit feedback from the group regarding schematic designs for the new Elementary and 6th Grade Campus.1 4 2 g

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  • Design Team Meets with Elementary Students and Teachers

    Posted by Vivana Killion on 4/23/2018

    Last week, Cre8 Architects held a series of meetings with elementary students and teachers to get feedback on the campus design.  The team received valuable input and interesting feedback - especially from the kindergarten students =).

    1 2 3 4

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  • Board Approves Construction At-Risk Manager

    Posted by Vivana Killion on 4/17/2018

    The Board of Trustees held a Regular board meeting on April 16, 2018.  Durotech was approved as the Construction Manager At-Risk (CMR) for the 2017 Bond Projects.  Durotech will manage projects specific to the new elementary school and the new 6th grade campus.  Construction costs and CMR fees will be determined at a future board meeting.

    Competitive sealed proposals were also reviewed to determine the company that would be responsible for some of the district-wide maintenance projects included in the Bond Package.  Nine bids were received by the district and ultimately the project was awarded to Sterling Structures for $3,020,500.


    The Board Packet can be found at the following link:

    Board Meeting

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  • Bond Update: CMS students and teachers give design team feedback

    Posted by Vivana Killion on 4/5/2018

    The design team met with students and teachers today from Crosby Middle School to discuss potential ideas for the future 6th grade campus.  







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  • Bond Update: Land Purchase and Floor Renovations

    Posted by Vivana Killion on 3/28/2018
    The Board of Trustees approved the purchase of 107 acres for the construction of our fifth Elementary School and the 6th Grade Middle School campus that will eventually become a 6-8th grade campus.  The tract was purchased through 2 separate contracts:
    • 102 acres for $21,500 per acre
    • 5 acres for $30,000 per acre
    Total = 107 acres for $2.343 million
    The land is located on Foley Rd. and the district is now in a 90-day due diligence period to conduct inspections and ensure there are no problems with the site that would make it unsuitable for a school campus.
    In addition to the land purchase, planning is underway for replacement of the floors at BES and NES starting this summer.  The Board also approved  the contract for movers to assist both campuses in packing up the classrooms.  The floor replacement and moving expenses are included in the ‘District-Wide Maintenance Projects’ outlined in the Bond package.  This move will not be extensive like the summer move a few years ago when we were re-zoning, but the floor replacement will require that anything on the floor be boxed up and elevated.  No need to empty cabinets! Ms. Long and Ms. Merka will be coordinating delivery of moving boxes to the campuses.  The movers will help to expedite the process so the floor replacement can begin as soon as possible once kids are out of school for the summer.  
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