Welcome to Mrs. Pier's 7th Grade ELA (English/Language Arts) : Pre-AP & Honors

  • Room 505

    Class Schedule: 
    Monday, Tuesday, & Friday
    1st Period: Conference
    Group 1: 8:10 - 9:29
    Group 2 : 9:30 - 10:50
    Group 3 : 10:55 - 1:24 (B Lunch: 11:20 - 11:50)
    Group 4 : 1:25 - 2:45

    One way to help keep track with our class is through Schoology.  

    Technology Expectations: The use of our school-issued iPads is an expectation by the district.  It provides us with more interactive, engaging, and creative learning opportunities.  These expectations and consequences will be throughtout all classes.  It is your responsibility to bring and properly use this device on a daily basis.  


    Technology Expectations

    1. Bring your device charged every single day.

    2. Bring your charger in case you lose battery power.

    3. You must use the Crosby-Secure Wifi ONLY!  No Hot Spots or other Wifi.

    4. You must use the CMS iPad.  No personal devices may be used.

    5. Cameras should only be used for classroom purposes.  Do not take pictures of other students or use the camera without permission.

    Failure to Follow Technology Expectations:

    1. Detention

    2. Parent Conference after 2 detentions have been issued for this.

    3. Office referral will be issued if the problem continues.


    • 1  1 ½ inch Binder (any color, will remain in classroom, needed immediately)

    • 1 package of binder dividers with pockets

    • 1 pack pencils

    • 1 pack notebook paper

    • 1 pack highlighters

    • 1 pack colored pencils

    • 1 pack glue sticks (2-3 pack)

    • 1 box Kleenex

    • 1 pack of white copy paper

        We are always in need of these supplies if you would like to donate to our classroom:
    • hand sanitizer
    • boxes of tissues
    • extra pencils
    • extra paper (looseleaf or spirals)
    • highlighters
    • sticky notes
    • Expo markers


    Tutorials: Tutorials for for ELA class are held on Tuesday afternoons until 4:00 PM or by appointment. Transportation is NOT provided.

    Homework: There will not be nightly homework for this class unless a student does not finish in class, was absent, or if extra practice is needed outside of tutorials.  We will be working very hard each day in class, and it will eliminate the need for additional assignments outside of class. We will also do independent reading time in class every day.  Reading for an additional 20 minutes or more a night is recommended since it helps become a stronger reader and improves test scores.

    Contact Information:  Parental involvement and communication is key to making sure your child is successful!  Please never hesitate to email or call with any questions, concerns, or even positive feedback!  

    You can reach me at jpier@crosbyisd.org or 281-328-9264.  Email is the fastest way for me to respond.  I do not have a phone in the classroom.