Our first rule is how we treat each other. Students need to come to the realization and conclusion that they have done nothing to earn my respect and, therefore do not deserve my respect. In the same line of thought, I know that I have not earned theirs, either. Therefore, I will do my best to earn their respect and they should do their best to earn mine and the respect of their peers by treating everyone respectfully .
        Our second rule is about how we treat ourselves. We do what we have to do so that we can do what we want to do. We will do our work, turn it in on time, and take care of the property in our possession. Our homework will be turned in with our best effort, our tests will be worked as thoroughly as possible, and our iPads will be charged every day.
    Discipline Procedures:
    1 Warning
    2 Time-Out (Student will move to a different area of the classroom to reflect on their behavior; brief student/teacher conference)
    3 Lunch Detention with parent contact
    4 After-School detention with parent contact
    5 Office Referral
    **If your child receives more than 3 detentions in this class, a parent conference will be needed.**