1.  Most injuries (head, bone, extreme muscle, etc) received at school, however minor, will constitute a parent/guardian phone call.  No call will be made for small cuts or abrasions.

    2.  If your child visits the clinic, for any reason,  ≥ 3 times/week or ≥ 2 times/day, the parent/guardian will be called.

    3.  Temperature ≥ 100.4 (per handbook) student will have to be picked up asap from school.  Student must be free of vomiting, diarrhea and temperature for 24 hours prior to returning to school.

    4.  Any time there is an issue which raises concern to the child's health to the discretion of the RN on campus.


    Please refer to the student handbook for any other issues which might constitute a student being sent home.


    Not all clinic visits will require a phone call to parents.  The RN/nurse will make the best decision, in the individual student's best interest, at the time of the clinic visit, if a phone call should be made to the parent/ guardian.


    Per the Nurse Practice Act, the school nurse cannot and will not diagnose any medical condition.  The nurse will offer insight into what signs/symptoms the child communicated at the time of the clinic visit to the parent/guardian for further evaluation by a physician, if needed.


    The school clinic is here to give your child the opportunity to have a degreed health professional on site to ASSIST in informing both the child and parent if the child becomes ill at school.



    In conclusion, WELCOME TO CROSBY MIDDLE SCHOOL, where your child's health is our top priority!


    The school clinic is offered to advocate a healthy lifestyle to allow for an enjoying, satisfying and beneficial educational experience for your child, as free from health stressors as possible.


    Parents are encouraged to contact the school clinic for any health related questions you may have.  I will be happy to work with you and your child, your doctor and school administration to advocate the healthiest school experience possible.


    Let's have a great year!