Flyer Approval

  • Guidelines for Flyer Distribution

    If you would like a flyer distributed to students at one or more of our campuses, please read the Guidelines below for approval information.  Flyers will only be distributed for local organizations considered 501(c)(3).  A 501(c)(3) certificate must be on file.

    The Department of Community Relations will be responsible for approving flyers for distribution at campuses.  The following steps should be taken for flyer approval and distribution:

    1.  Submit your flyer to the Director of Community Relations for approval

    • Drop off a copy of your flyer with contact information at the Crosby ISD Administration Building with the receptionist.  The Crosby ISD Administration Building is located at 706 Runneburg Road.

    2.  Once approved, we will stamp the flyer with our approval and the following statement will be stamped on approved flyers:

    Disclaimer:  This information is being distributed as a community service.  Crosby ISD is not a sponsoring/endorsing organization for this activity.

    Please allow a 1-week turnaround for flyer approval.

    3.  The organization requesting flyer approval is responsible for making copies of the flyer from the approved flyer with the stamp and disclaimer.  Only copies with the approval stamp and disclaimer will be distributed to students.  

    4.  The organization requesting the flyer approval will be responsible for delivering copies of the approval-stamped flyer to the various campuses in sets of 27.  Click the Campus Information link for a list of campuses and student/teacher counts.