• Reservations for the OC Board room and the Admin training room can now be requested online.  To access the reservation portal, log in to Eduphoria and choose Facilities and Events.

    Click on the Make a Reservation button at the bottom of the page:

    Make a reservation

    For these two training options, choose Admin for the campus:



    Choose Training as the type of reservation:


    Choose the requested date and time:



    When you click next, you will be able to see which room(s) is/are available for the date and time you chose.  Click to choose which room you wish to reserve.


    Enter in a Title and Reason (if needed) and press next.  Please put OC in the title if you are reserving OC (Ex. "OC - Secondary New Teacher Academy")



    This screen shows what you submitted in your request.  You will get an email notification when your request has been approved.