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    Dear Barrett Elementary Family,

    Hello! My name is Karen Walthall and I’m so excited about our year that we will share at BES!  

    My journey to Barrett Elementary followed a long, winding path. I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Marketing/Business degree in 1981. From that time, until I began teaching 4th-Grade at Newport in 1999, I had a wide array of professions. Initially, I worked as a manager for Foley’s and Macy’s, then stayed home with my first child while working out of my home – first, running a home daycare and then, developing a computer database. Following those jobs, I worked as a secretary, accountant, and book keeper – all while raising my 3 children.

    After teaching, (and loving it!) for 10 years at NES, I moved to Barrett Elementary eight years ago.  love the staff and students at BES! Our teachers work incredibly hard to reach each and every child, while our students are engaged and excited to learn.  

    Today, I truly believe that my “long winding path” has led me to a life and job that I love. You see, I get to touch the future by reaching the children of tomorrow – your children!  My yearlong goal is to provide your son or daughter with a loving, fun environment filled with the joys of learning. When that happens, our time together will truly be a “success!” 

       J  Karen Walthall