• Welcome to the Transportation Department

    2018-2019 Information:





  • Objects That May Not Be Transported:

    Large objects, band instruments, fund raisers, science projects, etc., that can not fit in the laps of students may not be brought on the bus.  Spacing is limited to student bodies.  Other objects that may not be transported are: live animals, hazardous chemicals, or glass objects.


    Discipline on School Buses:

    The school bus is an extension of the classroom, and will be administered by the principal with the assistance of the transportation department.  All School Board Policies that apply to student conduct and other student related activities apply to the school bus.



    As dictated in the Education Code, for the State of Texas, the following applies:


    Education Code 37.126 “Disruption of Transportation”

    (a)    Except as provided by section 37.125, a person commits an offense if the person intentionally disrupts, or interferes with the lawful transportation of students to or from school or an activity sponsored by a school on a vehicle owned or operated by a county or independent school district.

    (b)   An offense under this section is a class C misdemeanor.




  • Bus Stops:

    There are over 1,000 bus stops in the Crosby School District. Bus stops are designed to be collector points for the neighborhood in order to efficiently serve students, as well as any students that may move in during the course of the school year. House to house stops cannot be made.  Bus stops may be adjusted periodically to accommodate increased student enrollment or unexpected situations such as, but not limited to, construction, shift workers (day sleepers), road construction, or vandalism. 


    Bus Stop Pick Up/Drop Off Times:

    Pick Up/Drop Off times are set to allow a bus to fully utilize its rated passenger capacity and to allow the least amount of travel time a student rides on a bus.  Depending upon the geographical location of a student’s home and the campus they attend, ride times may vary.  Bus stop times will be set before the start of school.  Once school gets started, adjustments will need to be made.  During the first week of school it is not uncommon for buses to run 45 minutes late during the take home routes.  This extended period is due to the extra time it takes the campus to make sure students are in the correct bus lines & for the bus drivers to check the students in so that they will know who is on the bus & which bus stop they will be going to.  In addition, bus stop times will fluctuate because of  the large amounts of road construction throughout the district.  Please have your students at the bus stop and ready 10 minutes before the posted arrival time and expect possible delays.  Once everyone gets into a routine, you should notice the bus arriving/dropping off within 5-10 minutes of their revised schedule.  We can not control weather, traffic, road construction or mechanical delays