A Letter from Dr. Davis - The Weeks Ahead

Dear Crosby ISD Community,
These are tough times for our family. The days have been long and weary for our people. However, the outpouring of love and support from our strong community has been overwhelming and appreciated during these hard days. They told me when I got here that this was a special community and I understand why. You love one another deeply, and you long to help when you see a need. You are good people. When I learned of the financial troubles that we would be facing, I knew that my role as superintendent would have to be so different from what I had envisioned when I first began to consider working here. I mourned that reality, but I knew I was meant to be here and that I had a purpose here. That being said, I want to prepare you for what will be happening in the next couple of weeks. These will be some of the most difficult weeks most of us will ever have to experience in our careers. We don’t want this, but we have no choice. Crosby ISD must survive. I wanted you to be aware of this timeline so that we can walk through this process together and lean on each other to get through these difficult times.
October 8th at 7pm Special Called Board Meeting
We will take a Declaration of Financial Exigency to the board and a list of employment areas that will be affected by the Reduction in Force.
October 15th at 7pm Regular Board Meeting
We will present the board with a list of Chapter 21 and non-Chapter 21 employees who will be affected by the reduction in force.
At-will basis employees do not require board approval. Employees who work for the district on an at-will basis and will be impacted by the reduction in force will be notified of employment status following the October 15th meeting. The final day of employment for these positions will be November 2nd.
Employees who have a Chapter 21 or non-Chapter 21 contract will conclude employment with the district on December 20th.
Please be patient with us in the weeks ahead. Taking care of our staff and serving our students will be our priorities. Understand that employees who remain after the reduction in force will also be deeply impacted. There will be a sense of loss with which we must all contend. I know for you, as a community, this has been difficult as you fight feelings of betrayal, anger, and disappointment. These feelings are to be expected, but keep reminding yourself of what we all know to be true - this is a strong community and we will survive and we will grow. This is a transition to brighter days if we learn the lessons to be learned and receive them in humility.
Scott Davis