Cougar Excellence awards for October

Each month, the Crosby ISD Board of Trustees honors individuals for the Cougar Excellence awards. These awards celebrate those who show the values we cherish in Crosby: hard work, a sense of purpose and achievement.

Here are the Cougar Excellence award recipients for the month of October.


October Cougar Excellence

From Crosby Kindergarten Center, 3-year-old Pre-K student William O’Farrell. William
is one of the 3-year-old students who is in CKC Pre-K. Principal Baldwin says William is a hard worker. He knows 43 out of 52 letters. He always volunteers to help his teacher with any task. William plays well with others and follows all classroom and school rules. 

From Barrett Elementary, second-grader Adalynn Alaniz. She is a straight-A student in both English and Spanish. Principal Walthall says she demonstrates excellent behavior in class and is responsible and respectful. 

Gavin Luff is a fourth-grader at Crosby Elementary School. Principal Kratky-Fox says Gavin has a heart of gold and loves to help as much as possible. He has earned 2 “Paws-itive cougar” referrals this year. Gavin even used his hard-earned Cougar Bucks to buy his mom a present at the Cougar Store.

Sai Patel is a third-grader at Newport Elementary. He is a model student, always smiling and always prepared to share an interesting story. His teachers all tell Principal Price that he is a joy to work with.

From Drew Elementary is fourth-grader Krystal Alvarez. Principal Tisdom says Krystal recently showed respect for the Drew campus. Without being asked, she stopped to pick up trash outside that had blown in the yard.

From Crosby Middle School, 6th grader Alejandra Ramos-Balderas. Principal Vallot says Alejandra displays kindness to her peers, something we prize here in Crosby ISD. Alejandra also shows pride for the CMS campus.

From Crosby High School, the student of the month is senior Kristin Harvey. She is a true leader for the Cougar Stars. Principal Davila says she works hard toward unity and becoming the best she can be for her team. She was an inspiration with her friendly, honest and hardworking attitude.

These seven students also received gift certificates from HEB. We appreciate HEB partnering with us to celebrate our students of the month. 


October Cougar Excellence

From Crosby Kindergarten Center, Ms. Meagan Deckard is a Pre-K teacher. Principal Baldwin says she goes above and beyond to make the learning engaging, meaningful, and relevant for the students. Ms. Deckard has a wonderful rapport with her students, parents, and the staff.

Ms. Laura Perez from Barrett Elementary. She planned with teachers and set up family night/ bilingual night for the entire campus. She bagged 200 “goodie bags” for our Dual Language students. Ms. Walthall says Ms. Perez is exceptional.

First-grade teacher Amy McPhail from Crosby Elementary. Principal Kratky-Fox says Ms. McPhail is very knowledgeable about whole-child concerns. She offers great recommendations in helping students (and parents) work through challenges. She keeps such a positive attitude no matter what. 

Ms. Lisa Kallies from Newport Elementary. Whenever someone is in need, Mrs. Kallies not only goes above and beyond to help them, but she encourages others to do the same. Principal Prices says Mrs. Kallies has taken the initiative on multiple occasions to gather resources to support NES families in need. In addition to that, her students love her. She not only teaches content, she teaches character and compassion.

Ms. Courtney DeBose from Drew Elementary. Principal Tisdom says Ms. DeBose is a teacher who truly goes above and beyond to bring experiences to life for her students. From the Poetry Cafe to the Schoology Academy, she brings excitement to learning.

Ms. Samantha Ivey at Crosby Middle School. Principal Vallot says Ms. Ivey is a true team player in every sense of the word.

Ms. Peyton Black from Crosby High School. She volunteered to cheer coach recently and traveled to a game. She’s also a volunteer for our student spirit section, “The Loud Crowd.” She has invited the administration to see her lessons and asks for immediate feedback on different areas of growth.


October Cougar Excellence

We know all our paraprofessionals, bus drivers, custodians, grounds and maintenance teams are working hard each day. This month, we want to give thanks to a maintenance worker who embodies “Cougar Excellence.” His nickname is “Mister Fix-It”. Congratulations to Cedric Jackson from Crosby Middle School.


October Cougar Excellence

October is National Principals Month, and we don’t have to tell you Crosby ISD has 7 superstars leading our schools. The Board of Trustees honored each of our principals.

Mr. Jason Davila at Crosby High School

Ms. Colette Vallot at Crosby Middle School

Ms. Dana Kratky-Fox at Crosby Elementary

Ms. Christy Tisdom at Drew Elementary

Ms. Karen Walthall at Barrett Elementary

Ms. Ann Price at Newport Elementary

Ms. Operium Baldwin at Crosby Kindergarten Center


October Cougar Excellence

Finally, we want to recognize a Crosby ISD community member for October. He is one of the members of the Crosby Education Foundation, and they work all year to support our students and teachers. John Webb is the president of CEF. Watch this video narrated by retired ABC13 anchor Tom Koch. It shows you our community member’s impact everyday.