Cougar Excellence awards for September

In September, Crosby ISD started a new awards program recognizing the excellence we see every day in Crosby ISD.

Each month, we will honor and thank students, teachers and staff members who have gone above and beyond. We are calling these the Cougar Excellence awards. They celebrate those who show the values we cherish in Crosby: hard work, a sense of purpose, and achievement. We will also recognize a community member who elevates Crosby ISD through their donation of time, generosity, or creativity.


September Cougar Excellence

Layla Martinez from Crosby Kindergarten Center. Principal Baldwin recently observed Layla picking up paper off the floor in the hallways and walking a friend to class who needed assistance. We love that smile. 

Ky’Mani Franklin is a third-grade student at Crosby Elementary School. Principal Kratky-Fox says Ky’Mani is always “ROARing”. ROAR stands for: Respectful, organized, positive attitude and responsible.

Lakeyn Lasalle is in second grade at Drew Elementary School. Principal Tisdom says: Lakeyn goes above and beyond. He helps one classmate to breakfast every morning and he is also a technical whiz who helps his classmates.

Gavin McWilliams. He’s a fifth grader at Barrett Elementary School. Principal Walthall says Gavin is a natural leader and helps others to make positive choices! Great job Gavin.

Jett Hendrix is a fifth grader at Newport Elementary School. Principal Price says Jett truly embodies the heart of NES!  Recently, Jett was seen walking a lost 1st grader to class. 

Coy Paine is a seventh grader at Crosby Middle School. Principal Vallot nominated Coy for showing integrity in front of a crowd. Congratulations Coy.

Finally, seniors George Garcia and Marcos Quintanilla from Crosby High School. They placed 3rd in state at the robotics competition over the summer.

These students will each receive a $25 gift card from HEB in addition to their Cougar Excellence certificate. We appreciate HEB partnering with us to recognize some of our outstanding students. Let’s give them a round of applause.


September Cougar Excellence

Ms. Kacy Michalsky from Crosby Kindergarten Center. Her TikTok videos are wild. She has costumes representing almost every letter of the alphabet.

Ms. Richelle Lopez who teaches 4th grade ELA at Crosby Elementary School. Ms. Lopez returned to education after being at home with her own children while they were young. She has jumped in with a positive attitude, contributes to her team, and is building relationships with students/families that will result in student achievement. Principal Kratky-Fox says it is such a different educational world than when she left it a few years ago, and she's not even skipping a beat.

Ms. Calee O’Connell from Drew Elementary School. Principal Tisdom says Ms. O'Connell wears a smile everyday like it's a part of her wardrobe.

Ms. Wendy Berthelot from Barrett Elementary School. She was a para with Crosby ISD years ago and this year returned as a first-grade teacher at Barrett. Principal Walthall says Ms. Berthelot called each child's parent after the first day of school to let the parents know how their child's day had gone.

Coach Abby Marek from Newport Elementary School. Coach Marek chairs Newport’s sunshine committee, and Principal Price says no one gets past her while she is on bus duty.

Ms. Michele Butkiewicz from Crosby Middle School. Principal Vallot says she goes above and beyond each and every day. Principal Vallot is accepting the award in her honor tonight.

Ms. Angelique Pool from Crosby High School. She coached and guided George and Marcos to place third in the state robotics competition over the summer.


September Cougar Excellence

We know all our paraprofessionals, bus drivers, custodians, grounds and maintenance teams are working hard each day. Tonight, we want to give thanks to a bus driver who embodies “Cougar Excellence.”

Ms. Caitlyn Rene Richard. Drew Elementary principal Ms. Tisdom nominated Ms. Richard because she always has a smile. She goes above and beyond to make sure all her students are safe and comfortable while she transports them to and from school.  Congratulations, Ms. Richard.


September Cougar Excellence

Finally, we want to recognize a community member for what he’s been doing to beautify our campuses in Crosby ISD. They say first impressions are everything. Watch this video narrated by former channel 13 anchor Tom Koch and know that our community member of the month is making sure our schools give the best first impression they can. Armando Reyes, thank you!