Crosby students excel in Houston Rodeo School Art Contest

Rodeo art

Crosby ISD students have made a huge splash in the 2022 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo School Art Contest. In all, Crosby ISD had 35 students place as finalists. Among those finalists, seven students won a Best of Show or Gold Medal. They will have their artwork displayed at the Hayloft Gallery at the Rodeo from February 28 - March 20, 2022.

Elementary school winners:

Emma MyRick CKC- Finalist 

Morgan Whitworth CKC- Finalist 

Lanny Kochevar CES - Finalist 

Demi Hunter BES - Finalist 

Diana Canales DES - Finalist 

Trinity Garza BES - Finalist 

Amina Holness NES - Finalist 

Abigail Childress NES- Finalist 

*Megan Whitworth DES - Gold Medal

*Maryzu Escobedo CES - Best of Show 

Middle school winners:

Dominik Matysek - Finalist 

Everly Anderson - Finalist 

Isaac Garza-Garcia - Finalist 

Virginia Larin - Finalist 

Naomi Hernandez - Finalist 

Nayet Garcia - Finalist 

Kaitlyn Nicholson - Finalist 

Killgan Franco - Finalist 

*Kassandra Mares - Gold Medal

*Josephine McAnespy - Best of Show 

High school winners:

Kali Crawford - Finalist 

Angelica Torres - Finalist 

Natasha Kedzieski - Finalist 

Ana Pacheco - Finalist 

Emely Flores - Finalist 

Xandra Hernandez - Finalist 

Karma Klein - Finalist 

Ke'Jae Lockett - Finalist 

Mitzy Sanchez - Finalist 

Elsa Saenz Beltran Del Rio - Finalist 

Elisabeth Hehl - Finalist 

Kaylee Langham - Finalist 

*Katherine Law - Gold Medal

*Nolan Blackwell - Gold Medal

*Kaylie Lewis - Best of Show

What an honor for these students to have potentially millions of people see their artwork. We are so proud!

A huge thank you to our teacher representatives at each elementary campus for encouraging our young artists to create. Congratulations to Ms. Gladden, Ms. Willows, Ms. Scullane, and Ms. Sortore! All three visual arts educators are knocking it out of the park this year! We'll share information soon on a possible district art show so these paintings can be viewed in person.