TEA Accountability Ratings show Crosby ISD is rebounding from COVID challenges

Crosby ISD Parents/Guardians,

Crosby ISD is proud to say that we are making steady gains in student achievement post-pandemic.  For the past 2 ½ years, we, like other school districts in the country, were faced with challenges brought about due to COVID-19.  Crosby ISD was also continuing to rebound from our financial difficulties and the reduction in force that impacted staffing.

Despite these challenges, Crosby ISD earned a letter grade of “B” for the 2021-2022 school year.  There were many highlights worth mentioning:

  • Barrett Elementary earned a letter grade of an “A” overall, up from a “C” pre-pandemic, as well as three distinctions.
  • Crosby Elementary earned a letter grade of “B” overall, up from a “C” pre-pandemic.
  • Drew Elementary remained at a letter grade of “B” overall, but experienced a 5-point gain from pre-pandemic, as well one distinction.
  • Newport Elementary remained at a letter grade of “B” overall, but experienced  5-point gain from pre-pandemic, as well as four distinctions.
  • Crosby High School remained at a letter grade of “B” overall and also earned two distinctions.

Crosby Middle School saw regression from the pre-pandemic year.  We understand middle school is a unique developmental time for these students.  Many of them (last year’s 6th and 7th graders) were in elementary school the last time school was “normal”. The transition from elementary to middle is challenging enough in any normal year; add the global pandemic and it seemed like we experienced even more significant challenges.  We are looking forward to a much-improved year in climate and culture and instruction.

We are celebrating the great work accomplished on our campuses last year and are committed to continued growth and improvement this year.  Thank you to our students, parents, campus staff members, and community members who contributed to our success last year. This is just the beginning. 

Superintendent Patterson

TEA bases accountability ratings on a number of factors, including student achievement, school progress, graduation rates, and the closing of achievement gaps.

Parents can visit TXschools.gov to view school ratings. You can search by entering a school’s name and your address. Parents will have access to detailed school ratings there.