Cougar Excellence awards for September

Crosby, TX (September 19, 2022) - It’s a new year and we have a lot to celebrate in our monthly “Cougar Excellence” awards. These awards celebrate hard work, a sense of purpose, and achievement - all pillars of what we cherish in Crosby ISD.


From Crosby Kindergarten Center, student Ashton Hall. Ashton comes to school with a smile each and every day. Principal Minor and Ms. Berry say they can count on him daily to be a good listener, a great friend, and an overall excellent student!

From Newport Elementary, 5th grader Slayton Langley. Principal Price says he is a model student. Slayton is smart, helpful, and extremely respectful. Though he is young, he is poised and embodies the characteristics of a great leader. Slayton can be seen holding doors, directing hallway traffic, or walking someone to class. In short, he is a teacher's dream, and we are glad to have him at NES.

Barrett Elementary 3rd-grade student Liam Gilshenan. Principal Ornelas says Liam is a kind and considerate student who exhibits leadership by always being a team player. Liam is patient and demonstrates a willingness to help others. He also exhibits eagerness to learn by participating in class. Way to go, Liam!

From Crosby Elementary, 5th grader Mariaceleste Cavazos. Principal Kratky-Fox says she's grown so much as a student and as a young lady over the past school year.  She keeps a positive attitude and strives to do her best.  She enjoys being a part of the Starlettes.  Her confidence has grown as she has taken risks to be her best self. Congrats!

4th grade student Cali Simpson from Drew Elementary. Principal Tisdom says Cali is a conscientious, hard-working student. Any time you see her around Drew she will ALWAYS greet you with a smile. She is a very self-motivated student who wants to go above and beyond. Cali is always happy to help any of her classmates and teachers. Her teachers would definitely say that she shows “Cougar Character!”

From Crosby Middle School, 8th grade student Ricardo Maldonado. Principal Sanchez says he has shown tremendous growth since last year and we are proud of his progress. Ricardo exhibits a positive attitude toward staff members and continues to look for ways to better himself.

From Crosby High School, senior Samuel Broche. CHS teachers and classmates witness Samuel’s good deeds each day. For instance, recently in the hall, Samuel could be seen giving a tour of CHS to a new student. It was his "job" as an office aide, but he went above and beyond, as this student was very nervous. He really did his best to help make her feel welcome in a new environment. You are one more reason we are proud of the Class of 2023.


From Crosby Kindergarten Center, Ms. Raquel Steed. Principal Minor says Ms. Steed has been a steady and strong leader for the Pre-K team. The team is united because of her work. She is well respected and advocates for her students and colleagues. Thank you for your hard work each day, Ms. Steed.

From Newport Elementary, Ms. Cristina Eilers. Principal Price says Eilers is one of those teachers who help make coming to work fun. “I never know exactly what I'm going to get when I see her, but it's always good.” On any given day, Ms. Eilers can be seen rolling through the halls on skates, in the car rider line with her lamb, or in the science lab with Paws the bunny. Ms. Eilers is not only an exciting person, but a gifted science teacher. She is passionate about inspiring the next generation of scientists and does so every chance she gets. She volunteers her time to mentor new teachers and gather innovative science resources for all teachers. She is a valuable member of the NES family, and we appreciate her. 

From Barrett Elementary, Ms. Lidia Lopez. Ms. Lopez is a dedicated and loyal teacher at BES. She is always ready to mentor teachers to help them achieve high levels of quality in their work. She is committed to supporting our students to make gains in their learning. She is a natural leader and is respected by the staff. We love having Ms. Lopez serving on our campus.

From Crosby Elementary, first grade teacher, Ms. Veronica Maldonado. Principal Kratky-Fox says Ms. Maldonado has a true teacher's heart.  She is 100% about the students and their success.  She has creatively found ways to keep her students engaged in the classroom and her classroom management skills have grown to be one of the best on the campus.  Mrs. Maldonado's students adore her and rightfully so because she is amazing.  

From Drew Elementary, Ms. Angela Romans. Principal Tisdom says she has really stepped into her leadership role at Drew this year. Not only is she motivating her students, she is also assisting our new teachers in the profession and at DES in any way she possibly can. Ms. Romans is invested in her students’ academic and social emotional growth. She is always prepared to give the best for all her classes. Thank you Ms. Romans for continuing to be a part of Drew!

6th grade history teacher, Mr. Tyler Boyd, from Crosby Middle School. Principal Sanchez says Mr. Boyd is the true definition of a team player. He is a first year teacher and he is eager to learn and always willing to help where needed. He has assisted every morning with metal detector duty to help make it a smoother process for students and the staff members assigned to that area. He has integrated well into the 6th grade team and he builds positive relationships with his students. We are happy to have Mr. Boyd at CMS.  

From Crosby High School, Mr. Charles Peterson. Principal Davila says Mr. Peterson is the ultimate team player and problem solver.  He has gone above and beyond the call of duty from day one.  He has a positive attitude and he always puts our students in the forefront.  Whether he is handing out breakfast tacos, ordering Frosty’s for all, or covering someone’s duty, he has a smile on his face and he is proud to be a Crosby Cougar.  Mr. Peterson is also our new math department head and has done an outstanding job right from the start.  He checks on his team members each day to make sure they have what they need.  He is always putting others first before himself. We are so grateful for Mr. Peterson!



Our paraprofessionals, child nutrition services staff, bus drivers, custodians, ground and maintenance teams work hard each day. This month, we want to honor a para who is nicknamed the “Queen of the Car Rider Line” at Newport Elementary, Ms. Shani Thomas. Principal Price says Ms. Thomas can be seen directing traffic in the mornings and the afternoons with her umbrella hat and her portable fan. Regardless of the situation, Ms. Thomas is always prepared. Principal Price says, “I'm very thankful that she is one of the first faces students see when they get to school and one of the last faces they see when they leave, because I know they're going to be greeted with love. Her ability to build relationships with parents and students is unmatched. Her joyous spirit can be felt throughout the halls, and I truly believe NES is better because of her presence.”


Finally, we want to recognize our Community Member for September. He is someone you will see at almost every football game and almost everyone stops to talk or hug him. He has to be near the top of the “Who’s Who” list in Crosby. Watch the story of a man, husband, father, grandfather, mentor, former educator, lifelong coach, and Champion for Crosby ISD students.

Thank you to Mr. Ronnie Davenport.

H-E-B is generously supporting these Cougar Excellence awards. Each student will receive a $25 gift card from H-E-B. Also, new this year, we also thank the Crosby Chick-fil-A for donating gift baskets for each of our honorees.