Cougar Excellence Awards for September


The Crosby ISD Board of Trustees was thrilled to celebrate the first monthly “Cougar Excellence” awards for the 2023-2024 School Year. From teachers to students to paraprofessionals to community members, these awards celebrate those who show the values we cherish in Crosby: hard work, a sense of purpose, and achievement.


Each month, HEB generously donates a $25 gift card to our students of the month. Chick-fil-A of Crosby also donates a prize pack for our students, teachers and paraprofessional of the month.

New this year, each student of the month receives a yard sign courtesy of Wendy's and Oberoi Holdings. We want our entire community and neighbors to know the great work these students are doing in our District.


Students of the Month: Hazel Atkins (CKC); Noelani Henson (NES); Vivian Kominek (BES); Madlyn Iversen (CES); Jay'den Garrison (DES); Sloan Davila (CMS); and Gisselle Olivera (CHS).

Student of the Month from CKC, Hazel Atkins.

Board Vice President, Ms. Jennifer Roach, hugs mother of one of the students of the month, Vivivan Kominek.

From Crosby Kindergarten Center, Kindergartner Hazel Atkins. Principal Minor says Hazel is kind, always smiling and giving to others. She is a hard worker who loves to learn. She practices sight words in the car on the way to church. She is always eager to help others. Hazel is a good friend to everyone. This little Cougar makes CKC proud!

From Newport Elementary, first grader Noelani Henson. “You are beautiful just the way you are,” words from Miss Henson herself! Principal Price says Noelani walks the halls of NES affirming everyone she meets. She is hands down one of the kindest people Principal Price has ever met, and she is only 6. Her goal is to one day make enough money to ensure that everyone in the world always has food to eat, but in the meantime, she is doing a great job by just making NES a PAWSITIVE environment.

From Barrett Elementary, 5th grader Vivian Kominek. Principal Ornelas says Vivian is an exceptional student who consistently demonstrates dedication, responsibility, and a great attitude. She is a bright student who works diligently and does her best each day. Her kindness, great manners, and wonderful smile have made her a beloved member of our school community. Vivian is a proud member of the Superintendent’s Cougar Council for the 2023-2024 School Year. She is highly regarded by her teachers and staff and is a good friend to all. Vivian is a ray of sunshine! 

From Crosby Elementary, Madlyn Iversen. Principal Kratky-Fox says Maddie is a bright and bubbly 5th grader at CES. She is a member of the Starlettes and is a hard-working student. Maddie shows respect and responsibility daily. When faced with an emergency situation, she showed how quick-thinking and reliable she can be. Maddie acted calmly and swiftly with her teacher and classmates to avoid distractions and interference in remedying the situation. At such a young age, she showed a maturity beyond her years.  Maddie truly showed what it means to ROAR.

From Drew Elementary, 5th grader Jay’den Garrison. It's wonderful to hear about students like Jayden who demonstrate outstanding behavior and a willingness to go the extra mile to help their classmates. Principal Tisdom says Jayden's recent example of being willing to give up recess to assist a classmate shows empathy, kindness, and a strong sense of community within the school. Jayden's dedication and kindness are commendable qualities that will undoubtedly serve them well in the future. Congratulations to Jayden Garrison for being recognized as "Student of the Month''!

From Crosby Middle School,  7th grader Sloan Davila. Sloan was chosen as the student of the month due to his reliability and hardworking nature. As the announcer for Crosby Middle School's morning announcements, he is committed to being a valuable and supportive member of our school community. Principal Lozano says we are thankful for having Sloan Davila as part of our daily routine at Crosby Middle School! Thank you for all you do! 

From Crosby High School, senior Gisselle Viviana Olivera. Gisselle is new to Crosby. She comes to us from our neighboring state of Louisiana. Even though she is new to Crosby, she learned her way around CHS very quickly and is always eager to help out and show new students around our school. Principal Hadnot says Gisselle is a ray of sunshine and has a bright smile whenever you encounter her.  Gisselle was also a great help with organizing and cleaning out the Cougar Closet.  She has perfect attendance and has joined the Step Team.  Gisselle is a great new addition to Crosby; she exhibits the Cougar Way every day! 


Teachers of the Month: Ms. Carrie Quinn (CKC); Ms. Ruth Carrillo (BES); Mr. Ruben Aguirre (DES); Ms. Amber Daniels (CMS); and Ms. Katrina Newell (CHS). Not Pictured: Ms. Valerie Perry (NES) and Ms. Thersa Summers (CES).

From Crosby Kindergarten Center, Ms. Carrie Quinn. Ms. Quinn has been with CKC for 6 years. She is a passionate educator who gives 110% each and every day. Principal Minor says not only is Ms. Quinn is a strong academic teacher. She also takes pride in developing the whole child. This school year, she was placed on a new team and has excelled each step of the way. She continues to research and implement best practices for her students and team. When reflecting on who she is as a person and educator, the following comes to mind. "You do not just wake up a butterfly. Growth is a process." Mrs. Quinn is a true example of a lifelong learner, who encourages her students to use their own wings to fly high one day.

From Newport Elementary, Ms. Valerie Perry. Principal Price says Ms. Perry is a stellar teacher and a valuable member of the NES family. What makes her unique is her fire to improve herself and those around her. Over the course of her career, she has acted as a mentor for countless new teachers. She has helped her peers develop their own personal management style, she has modeled proven instructional practices, and directly taught others how to collect data to formulate learning goals. I am confident that Mrs. Perry’s impact will have a lasting impression on NES.

From Barrett Elementary, Ms. Ruth Carrillo. Ms. Carrillo is a dedicated educator who provides her students with the best learning environment. High expectations are the norm in Ms. Carrillo’s classroom. Ms. Carrillo joined the BES staff last year and quickly gained the respect of her fellow teachers as she generously shared her knowledge and skills to help her peers. This summer, Ms. Carrillo prepared a presentation to train the BES staff on parental involvement and documentation. During teacher in-service, she provided tips on how to build positive relationships with parents and how to effectively communicate the students’ academic and social needs. In addition, during her free time, Ms. Carrillo actively advocates for our campus in the community. Principal Ornelas says BES has been able to establish partnerships with several community organizations to benefit our students at Barrett Elementary.  We are proud to have Ms. Carrillo as part of our staff. 

From Crosby Elementary, Ms. Thersa Summers. Ms.Summers is the teacher of CES's Positive Approach to Student Success program, otherwise known as PASS.  Ms. Summers is brilliant in her positive approach to helping students change their behaviors. She is a huge resource for all the teachers on the campus.  She has led professional developments at CES and she meets regularly with teachers to help with classroom management and individual student management.  This summer Mrs. Summers presented at the two-day Region 4 Inclusive Practices Conference in Houston.  Just recently, she presented at CISD's Cougar Con for all CISD staff. She has a natural ability to make connections with students, staff, and families.  Each day, she leads her team and coordinates daily schedules for each team member. Principal Kratky-Fox says Ms. Summers is like Mary Poppins. You never know what she is going to pull out of her bag of behavior resources, but you can guarantee that it's going to be great. 

From Drew Elementary, Mr. Ruben Aguirre (AGEERY). Principal Tisdom says Mr. Aguirre is a dedicated teacher who consistently goes above and beyond during planning sessions with his colleagues to make sure he is able to meet the needs of his resource students. His commitment to helping his fellow teachers and providing support for our SPED students is truly commendable. He is like a guiding light, assisting teachers when they need assistance writing with PLAAFS (Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance), accommodations and resources to ensure that every student, especially those with special support, receive the attention and care they deserve. His hard work and dedication is noticeable in his work ethic. We are so glad he is at Drew!

From Crosby Middle School, Ms. Amber Daniels. Ms. Daniels is recognized for her outstanding leadership among learners. Principal Lozano says Ms. Daniels conducted professional development sessions on classroom management for her colleagues, which were very well received. Her excellent training was showcased at the Cougar Con event in August.  Ms. Daniels also assists other staff members in building positive relationships with parents by sharing helpful strategies. She models how to ensure students are held accountable for their behavior by addressing issues appropriately. She is a fantastic educator who goes above and beyond for our students, staff, and the community!

From Crosby High School, Ms. Katrina Newell. Ms. Newell is our Math Interventionist, who services well over 100 Algebra 1 students.  She is currently in her 11th year in education, 7 of which have been at Crosby High School.  She prides herself on personalizing learning for each student. Principal Hadnot says, in order to stay current on instructional strategies, ways to engage students, and lesson design, she has attended both Region IV and Rice University training.  Ms. Newell also facilitated a session at Cougar Con, where she shared information and strategies on cultural diversity and awareness.  She is a leader.  She is fearless.  She is a Cougar!


Our paraprofessionals, child nutrition services staff, bus drivers, custodians, ground and maintenance teams work hard each day.

This month’s paraprofessional of the Month is Ms. Stephanie Merrill from Crosby Elementary School.

Ms. Merrill is the school librarian. Principal Kratky-Fox says Ms. Merrill does not enjoy being the center of attention, but she is most deserving of this recognition. The library is a place that all of our students love to visit.  Ms. Merrill is a huge support for our teachers as well.  Ms. Merrill hosts two book fairs a year and puts in tireless hours to make sure everything is successful for CES.  Thank you Ms. Merrill for pouring your heart and soul into making sure the library is a great place for our students to learn.  


Community Members of the Month: Belinda Enojado (Houston Food Bank Kids Cafe), Kiana Anderson (Houston Food Bank School Partnerships Senior Manager); Angela Loving (Houston Food Bank School Partnerships Supervisor).

Finally, we want to recognize our community members for September. They are supplying the food that powers our students while learning on non-instructional Fridays. As you’re about to see, the Houston Food Bank is a vital resource for the Crosby and Barrett Station communities. When we asked, they opened their arms and their kitchens. Thank you to the Houston Food Bank. Watch their story below.