What accommodations are made for elderly/disable/handicap guests?

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•  Cougar Stadium - There are benches reserved for these individuals at the bottom of the stadium.  Due to limited seating, guests who need handicap seating are only allowed one guest in the handicap area.  Entrance ramps are also located at the stadium entry.  An elevator on the Home Side of Cougar Stadium is reserved only for for use by guests (and family) who are mobility-impaired and event staff.   If using the elevator, you will go to level 1 in the Press Box.  When you exit the elevator at level 1 you will exit the Press Box to the right or to the left.  Please note that you will be at the TOP of the stadium if using the elevator and will need to walk down steps to access a seat near the top or middle of the stands.  The elevator is not an ideal option for those in wheelchairs or those who cannot walk down stairs.  However, some of our disabled/elderly guests might find it easier to walk down a few steps rather than walking up the entire length of the stadium.  Guests in wheelchairs should access the stadium by using the ramps at the regular entrance.  

Handicap parking is available on the Home Side and Visitor side of Cougar Stadium.  You must have appropriate handicap plates or tags to use these spots.

•  CHS Gym - There is limited handicap seating in the gymnasium. Some of our JROTC cadets will be available to assist you in locating handicap seating.  Handicap parking is also available at Crosby High School.