How are Gifted and Talented students screened and identified?

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The district will have a multifaceted approach to gifted and talented screening, which recognizes that students may be both academically and/or creatively gifted. During level one of screening, elementary students may be referred for gifted and talented screening by a parent or teacher. After a child has been referred, information about the child’s learning personality will be gathered through a parent checklist and a teacher perception inventory. The gifted and talented committee will review all qualitative data gathered in a blind fashion to make a determination about whether or not it would be in the best interest of the child to continue the screening process.

Level two of screening will use a norm-referenced ability test. Nonverbal scores will show if the student’s ability to reason falls at or near the superior range. The aptitude test is a culture-fair, nonverbal measure of reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Students with high nonverbal scores indicate strengths in logic, construction, creativity, or technology.

Final determinations will be made by a gifted and talented committee comprised of at least three district or campus educators who have completed 30 hours of training in the nature and needs of gifted students and are current with their 6-hour update. The committee will review all qualitative and quantitative data. All kindergarten students will be identified and begin receiving services by March 1. All other identified students will begin receiving services the following school year.