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    ABC Match
    Match letter cards and picture cards that begin with that letter

    Here is our collection of interactive whiteboard games for educators on PBS KIDS. Students will enjoy participating in these collaborative, fun and engaging experiences, while exploring curriculum from trusted programs such as Curious George, Super Why and Arthur. Like our programs, all of our games are age-appropriate and vetted by educators.
    Game Classroom
    High-quality educational games, and homework help for K-6 students. A comprehensive, free homework help section for parents/teachers to provide learning tips, online resources and sample problems. Educational content has been created by professional educators

    Game to assist in early reading skills

    The largest digital collections of children’s book, ICDL contains over 4,400 books in 54 languages representing 64 countries with applications for the iPhone and the new larger screen, iPad.
    Reading material for pre-school, kindergarten and grade 1 students available online. The program is comprised of carefully leveled guided readers, comprehensive phonic activities and a wealth of supplemental reading material which gradually develop a child's reading skills in a sequential and enjoyable manner.
    Little Bird Tales
    Little Bird Tales was created to help nurture children's creativity and imagination while simultaneously reading one of a kind childhood treasures that can easily be shared. We are dedicated to providing a safe web environment for children, free of advertising, merchandising and links to other sites.
    Control characters and objects, creates sentences for you. Once you are done with your story, you can print it out. If you share it with others, you can print it out again by entering the magic number it gives you in the box on the right. Save the .pdf file that prints to your own computer.
    Interactive activities in a variety of subjects - maths, english, science, early learning and more.
    Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction.
    The site is home to a package of interactive games, stories and resources that have been developed to help emerging readers learn to read. The site can be used at school or at home. It's one of the most comprehensive interactive literacy resources on the net that is freely accessible... no area of the site is password protected.
    Thousands of educational games, activities, quizzes, and articles.

    literature, poetry, Shakespeare, bestsellers, US History, Civics, Economics, Biographies, music, and Pre-Algebra

    Literacy Skills

    Smithsonian Education

    Great website to help students with spelling and vocabulary.
    Spin the wheel and spell the word

    Do your students like to tell stories? Storybird will help them to create short, visual stories. You can save them, share them and (soon) print them. Use Storybird's beautiful watercolor illustrations to tell your story.
    Help your students become published authors. Tikatok™ is the award-winning site endorsed by educators where students create and publish their own books.
    Books and games to read online.

    digital storytelling tool to create 3D pop-up books. Can record voice and allows you to narrate