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    Explore the SMART Exchange website at exchange.smarttech.com to find, preview and download over 50,000 classroom-ready resources that can be used with a variety of classroom technology products. By joining this online community, you can quickly access subject-specific, standards-correlated content that can be modified to suit the needs of any classroom. You'll also be able to connect with colleagues locally or around the world to exchange lessons, ideas, insights and classroom success stories. Membership is free, so sign up today! 

    SMART Notebook Express software
    Did you know you can download the program SMART Notebook Express to your computer? Encourage students, parents and teachers to use the light versin of Notebook software to view and make minor changes. This is perfect for students reviewing information in Notebook for a quiz or test.

    Click here for the download.

    SMART Notebook for Teachers
    As a SMART district, you have the ability to download SMART Notebook to your home computer.  This will allow you to prepare lessons ahead of time.  Please contact me to receive instructions on how to gain access to the software.