• Crosby Implements Attendance Procedures

    by King Davis & Robert Tatman

    Student attendance remains a critical factor impacting student success in school. From the first day of school to the last, the more time students have with their teachers in the classroom setting means improved academic growth and better attitudes toward school. For the new 2011-2012 school year, Crosby ISD is implementing new attendance procedures designed to increase the amount instructional time afforded every student in the district.

    With student success as the goal, district administrators and teachers want to ensure that each student gets off to a great start. Therefore, the district encourages parents to take the important step of reading the district handbook and student code of conduct and then helping their child become familiar with the recent updates and changes.

    One particular area we want to bring to your attention is changes in the expectations of student attendance. We will no longer accept an unlimited amount of parent notes or call-ins to excuse a student from school without proper documentation. As a courtesy, each campus will allow three (3) days per semester to be excused if a signed parent note is provided stating the reason for the absence. After these three (3) days have been exhausted, proper documentation will be required for student absences such as medical care visits to the doctor, dentist or other health care professional, court appearances, or other scheduled appointments.

    You will have an option to receive a paper copy of the handbook & code of conduct from your child’s campus, or you may access it on the district website at www.crosbyisd.org. For further explanation or additional information, please contact your students’ principal or teacher. The district extends a welcome to all students, parents and staff as we anticipate another great year of learning, growing and working together.