David Lewallen
     U.S.  Government
    Rm.  1129
  • Contact Information

    E-Mail: dlewallen@crosbyisd.org

    school phone: 281-328-9237

    General Information

    Hello. My name is David Lewallen. I am a Social Studies teacher at Crosby High School. I have taught for 20 years. Here is some helpful information about my classes.

    In Government students are expected to be on time and have materials ready when the bell rings. Certain days Powerpoints are used for notetaking and presentations. Certain times we have group assignments that help to cover the content. We do have at least 3 tests/major grades every six weeks. There is an extensive review before each test. Students are allowed to turn in work late, though the assignment will be docked points for being late.

    Tutorials are available every Tue., and Thur. after school from 2:50 - 3:30. Tutorials are offered every morning before school except Fridays. I have a duty on Friday afternoon. My goal is to provide each student with the highest quality of education possible. I look forward to having a great year. I welcome parent interaction and look forward to working with the young people of Crosby.

  • Schedule

    1st Period- Government Rm. 1129

    2nd Period- Government Rm. 1129

    3rd Period- Government Rm. 1129

    4th Period- Government Rm. 1129

    5th Period- Conference period

    6th Period- Government Rm. 1129

    7th Period- Government Rm. 1129