Color Guard
    Color Guard is a team of cadets who are well disciplined and hardworking 
    individuals. This team is made up of four (primary) and four (alternate)  cadets ready 
    to take on the role of presenting the flags correctly and precisely; as 
    commands are called out this dedicated team is ready to follow those commands.
    We also take on many community events to assist in proper display
    of our National colors!
    Under strict safety rules and on point 
    aiming, the rifle team knows how to hit the bulls-eye. Rifle is a safe shooting
    sport known in a wide variety of competitions. Including college,
    an Olympic and Jr. Olympic sport, some cadets can even go national.
    It consists of disciplined cadets shooting in three 
    positions: prone, standing, and knelling. It's more than just the basics styles!
    Ever got lost in the woods? Well our orienteering team hasn't,
    because they sure know how to navigate around any terrain. 
    With their handy dandy compass and maps, these cadets can track down
    anything in any terrain. With a team of cadets aware of their 
    surroundings, tracking points is in their blood.
    PT (Physical Training)
    PT stands for physical training and the team consist of two co-ed teams.
    Each team is made up of four cadets. These individuals are trained to do it all!
    From  push ups, sit ups, tons of other exercises, and running. This 
    team is in it for the fitness. Can you do 100 push ups in 2 minutes?
    I know the PT team can!
    Academics / JLAB
    The cadets with high academic abilities are put on this team to
    compete in rigorous test taking. The team consist of six members 
    that take on leadership and academic challenges
    Community Emergency Response Training (CERT Team)

    Comprised of cadets who love to help in emergency situations.  They will be called
    upon when the community / school / city needs immediate assistance for natural, man-made
    or other disasters.  Such a great team to be a part of.
    Raider Challenge Team (Just beginning this year)
    Here are the roughest and toughest players on the teams. 
    The Raiders take on difficult obstacle courses. This team holds
     the top notch cadets that are amazing at all  aspects of JROTC. The Raiders 
    are challenged to run 2 miles with a 20 pound ruck sack.
    Armed / Unarmed Drill Team (Just beginning this year)
    This is where you can sync discipline, precision and strength in one shot!  
    We pride ourselves on showing what team building and hard practice can do.
    Join the team, but please be prepared for rigorous training!