• Coleman Memorial

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    Joshua Coleman was an excellent debater who contributed greatly to our team and was a friend to everyone he met. Josh proved his dedication to debate numerous times, through great sacrifice. He stayed with his sister when his mother moved across the country, just for the opportunity to continue to debate. Josh sacrificed numerous summers spending his time at debate camp at Gonzaga University. 

    Josh was competitive even during his first year of debate, his 7th grade year. He advanced and won numerous novice tournaments that year. He moved to varsity debate during his 8th grade year and excelled, advancing at local varsity tournaments during his 8th grade year.

    Josh’s high school career include speaker awards from at TOC’s including UT, Memorial, and Grapevine, as well as other prestigous tournaments such as TFA State and UIL State . He finished 5th place overall in the state his sophomore year and was won the 3rd place speaker award. Josh consistently succeeded despite being with partners with less experience.

    Josh was set to be on the A team for the first time during his senior year. Unfortunately in June during the summer before his senior year and one week before he was set to go to NFL Nationals he was struck down and killed by a man on a motorcycle while he was walking to the park. Josh was a great debater and an awesome person. He was always ready to help younger debaters and was well liked by everyone. Josh, you will be missed.

    Josh's Accomplishments:

    -UIL State Quarterfinalist 2012
    -NFL Nationals Qualifier 2013
    -NFL Nationals Qualifier 2011
    -TFA Qualifier 2011-12
    -UIL State 3rd Speaker
    -5th Speaker @ Memorial 2012
    -10th Speaker @ UT 2011
    -25th Speaker @ TFA State 2012
    -UIL CX District 2nd Place (2013)
    -UIL CX District 3rd Place (2012)
    -UIL Informative Extemp District 2nd Place 2013
    -UIL Persuasive Extemp District 3rd Place 2011