• Expectations

    There are a few basic rules that need to be followed at CHS Library:

    • Sign in when entering and sign out when leaving the library.
    • Show your pass to the librarian when entering the library during class time.
    • Use a soft voice.
    • Treat people and materials in the library with respect.
    • Consuming food is not allowed in the library.


    • Students may have five books checked out at a time.
    • Students may have one audio MP3 Playaway checked out at a time.
    • Items are checked out for a period of two weeks.
    • INP (Independent Novel Project) books are checked out for a longer time period.
    • Items may be renewed if needed for longer than the checkout period.
    • Students with overdue items or unpaid fines may not check out new materials.
    • Lost items must be paid for. 
    • Lost library materials must be returned in a timely fashion to generate a refund.


    Printing and Copying:


    • Students may print five paper pages per period of school-related material from the laser printer for free. 
    • Pages may be printed on both sides. 
    • Research may be printed on recycled paper.
    • Power Points should be printed as multiple slides per page.
    • Ask before you print if you need help printing to both sides, printing multiple slides or if your assignment requires more than 5 pages.
    • Otherwise, after the first five pages, the cost is ten cents per page. 



    • Copies can be made for ten cents per copy.
    • Two sided copies are not available.
    • Color copies can be made for $1.00 per page.
    • The number of copies is limited due to the size and speed of the small copiers.