• Teaching your child to be independent is extremely important for their adult life. Below is a link that gives some suggestions for age appropriate chores that you can use a starting point for your child. Think of all of the tasks that your child will need to do as an adult and start teaching them how to perform/manage those tasks. Some of those tasks include...

    • Waking themselves up (setting alarms)
    • shopping on a budget
    • learning how to save money when shopping
    • cooking/following a recipe
    • doing laundry
    • washing dishes
    • sweeping
    • creating/using a budget 

    ...these are just a couple of ideas of tasks that your child will need to do as an adult. 

    Click here to see more detail about possible chores-->Age Appropriate Chore List

  • Rules for driving in Texas have changed within the past couple of years. Now, ANYONE wanting to get their drivers license MUST complete two courses if they are under 25 yrs old:

    • An Accredited Drivers Ed program (can be at a driving school OR online )
    • Impact course

    Click on the link to find a list of driver ed programs--> Drivers Education Provider Information (cost is around $400)

    Click on the link for online/parent taught programs--> Parent Taught Program Information (cost $50-$150)

    Click on the link to access the Impact course-->Impact Drivers Course (FREE)

    In addition to the changes in the required course work, the documents that you are required to bring/complete has also changed. Obtaining your permit/drivers license takes planning and time to schedule. Keep this in mind if you are wanting to be able to legally drive.

    Click on the link to find a list of required documents--> documents list

    brochure of acceptable documents

    Drivers License/State ID Application

    Residency Affidavit

    A person of ANY age can get a State ID, if they complete the appropriate forms and have the proper documentation. A State ID does not legally allow a person to drive