• Guidelines for Citizens Wishing to Address the Board of Trustees

    Citizens wishing to address the board may do so during the Hearing of Citizens portion of each Regular Board Meeting.   

    • Anyone wishing to speak must register 5 minutes prior to the start of the board meeting with the Board Clerk and/or signup sheet.
    • Citizen participation is limited to the Hearing of Citizens portion of the agenda.
    • The Board is not allowed to respond to comments pertaining to items not included on the agenda unless the response is limited to specific factual information or reciting existing policy in response to the inquiry.
    • Each citizen is limited to 3 minutes to speak.

    The above guidelines are in accordance with the Open Meetings Act and Legal Policy BED(Legal) and BED (Local).

    For more information regarding speaking at a Regular Board Meeting, contact the Board Clerk, Norma Ibarra, at (281)328-9200 or email nibarra@crosbyisd.org .