Tech Spport
  • Crosby ISD is committed to supporting the technology needs of our students, parents, and staff. Below you will find general FAQs. To the right, you will find our Technical Support Ticket system,  Site Quick Links, as well as our Student/Parent Self Help Resources section which contains device and software specific FAQs, how-to documents, and tutorial videos.

    To read more about Crosby ISD's 1:1 program click here.

    If you require additional assistance for a Crosby ISD issued device beyond what is on this website, please e-mail us at, or enter a Technology Support Ticket.

    Please note: Crosby ISD technical support staff are unable to assist with hardware-related issues on devices that are not owned by Crosby ISD.


  • How do we clean the device?

  • What components and accessories are issued with the device?

  • What device will my student receive?

  • We do not have internet at home. What should we do?

  • Can the District inspect the device?

  • Are students allowed to bring devices home?

  • Can my child personalize their device?

  • What if my child forgets their device at home?

  • Who is responsible for damage or replacement costs?

  • Will students be charged for a lost/stolen device?

  • Is the student required to return the device if they withdraw?

  • Will the device be turned in each year?

  • Will the district preload devices with needed software and apps?

  • Will students have to pay fees from previous years?

  • How do I use the iPad (beginners)?

  • Will students have access to YouTube?

  • Can students connect an iTunes account to their District iPad?

  • Where can I find the Student-Parent-Mobile Device Handbook?

  • Who do I contact if I have an issue with my district device or app?

  • What are my student's username and passwords?

  • Technology Payments
  • Help Desk
  • Login Assistance

Site Quick Links

  • Clever
  • Microsoft 365
  • Parent's Plugin
  • Schoology
  • Skyward Family Access
  • Teams

Self Help Resources

  • Clever
  • iPad/MacBook
  • OneNote
  • Schoology
  • Skyward Gradebook
  • Teams