• What is Records Management?
    Records Management is an important function of any school district and involves applying policies and procedures to be certain that district records are properly used, maintained, stored, and disposed.  

    What is a Retention Schedule?
    A Records Retention Schedule is a document that is the heart of records management.  Retention schedules list all of the record series of an organization along with the retention periods.  They help ensure that we comply with laws and provide legal protection.  Crosby ISD follows 4 local government retention schedules:

    • EL: Records of Elections and Voter Registration
    • GR: Records Common to All Local Governments
    • SD: Public School Districts
    • TX: Records of Property Taxation

    What is Disposition?
    According to the National Archives and Records Administration, Disposition is a comprehensive term that includes destruction as well as other actions, such as the transfer of permanent records. Responsible disposition ensures cost efficiency, quicker retrieval of information, and efficient use of space.  It also helps prevent information overload that makes it difficult to locate records because there's just "too much stuff."  Responsible records disposition requires regular maintenance!